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I have been lucky enough to be able to travel quite a bit. My parents have always loved it and they have passed it down to me. Since I was very young, we would go to a new place every summer and it would be a nice getaway and great way to create memories with […]

I missed Barcelona so much. I was having pretty low moments because of it, I don’t know exactly why but I feel like I needed to come home, at least for a while. I moved to Belfast almost three months ago because my boyfriend was finishing up uni here, so it made more sense for […]

I am aware I have been missing for a week, but it is because I was home for my graduation. I have missed home so much so I really felt like I had to be present and off my social media profiles. Anyway, I can’t believe I have finally made it. When I first started […]

Considering myself a makeup lover, I realised that I actually know nothing about what really goes into making makeup. If someone asked me about ingredients, I could probably not be able to give an answer. After researching a little bit about different ingredients the most famous products have, I came across mica. Not sure what […]

It is not the first time I visit the Giant’s causeway, but it is always as incredible as the first time. The scenery is stunning, and this time I did something I didn’t do last time I was there. There is a “red trail” which are some stairs that go up the mountain so you […]

I think I have an obsession with accessories. Ever since I was a kid, I would always try on my mum’s jewellery, mix metals, deciding what looked good or not, and I absolutely loved helping my mum decide what were the best accessories to wear that day with the outfits she was wearing. I have […]

The sun is finally shinning, the sky is blue, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I get to finally get out of my Michelin puffer jacket and get to wear thinner jackets, light skirts and short sleeved tops, which for some reason, are my favourite. I absolutely love pastel colours, and this year […]