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I am Carla, a 23 year-old originally from Barcelona but now living in Belfast. I love travelling, fashion & beauty and let’s just say I am an absolute foodie. I would also say I have a little obsession with dogs.

People say i am weird because my favourite animal is the great white shark. My dad was born in Africa and has always been passionate about animals so I guess that is just in my blood.

Throughout the years I started realising how much I liked taking pictures and writing, so I believe that is how my blog first came to life. It was a place to escape reality and just write about things that mattered and interested me and eventually it became my passion.

I am a college graduate and now I a working to afford my master’s degree next year.

One of my goals in life is swimming with sharks and volunteer at a lion reserve in South Africa.

Hope you guys enjoy my blog and you stick around!

Instagram: @carlacasanovas

Facebook Page: Simply Carla´s World

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7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey!! I’m completely in love with your blog! I was wondering, which program do you use for editing?? And also, kinda awkward but do you have a boyfriend? It would be so cute if you did & if you posted pictures together 😀

    1. Hellooo! First of all thank you so much! For editing I use VSCO cam, I don’t have a camera (yet, I’m saving up) so I take pics with my phone. And nope! At the moment I don’t have a boyfriend but when I do I’ll definetly keep you posted! Hahaha💝


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