I had heard about this documentary for a few days before I decided to watch it. First I was a bit disappointed that Netflix did not use this golden opportunity to call it conspiraSEA instead but that is another issue. Jokes aside and going straight into the topic, Seaspiracy is a documentary about sustainable fishing and its impact.

It has caused a bit of outrage everywhere because it really shows the true colors of the fishing industry and how everything is just a conflict of interest, not surprising but still shocking that even NGO’s are into it just for money.

I have always been very aware about climate change and little things we can do to try and better the world, but seeing this documentary has truly made me realize of how stupid I really am about the matter. Yes I use metal straws, I try to bring reusable items so I reduce waste as much as possible but realizing that 46% of plastic waste in the ocean comes from fishing nets and others fishing products makes me rethink everything. Why is no one talking about it? Why this has never been publicly talked about by NGO’s? If they really care about the environment and the animals, why am I being talked about changing plastic straws for metal straws but not about how commercial fishing is killing the oceans?

I think we all know by now that our disgusting world is moved by conflict of interest, not by what really is good for all of us. The more money you make the less you care about others. The documentary starts by shinning a light on Taiji dolphin killing. You can see images of boats bringing dolphins close to a cove where they can’t get out and then get killed. Why is that? well… fishing companies are exploiting all the fishing areas which means there are less fish to catch (overfishing). is not for any other reason than the fact that humans are exploiting such areas. Whats is the solutions for that? instead of just realizing we are killing our planet, NO, let’s kill dolphins because they are the responsible ones of eating fish and making us fish less. I know, it is absolutely disgusting. It is literally their way of justifying killing dolphins: they steal the fish we need to catch.

One thing that really shocked me was: by 2048 there will be no fish. Let that sink in for a moment. Just think of the ocean as a big swamp of water and that’s it, no life, no color and no animals. 85% of oxygen comes from the ocean, if we kill it, we are killing us too. I understand people only care about money, but how is money going to have value if we are all dead? Has someone ever thought about it?

Another thing that surprised me but not really was the dolphin safe label. There are observers that go into fishing boats to check if their fishing is safe for other animals such as dolphins. Fun fact, these people can be easily bribed, and if they don’t cooperate they can just be thrown overboard at sea. I mean, how reliable are dolphin safe labels if people are talking so openly about how observers can be easily bribed? or killed? What is the point of having such labels if no one can truly vow for it.

The more I was watching the documentary, the more outraged I was. How can it be possible that in a world with so many people knowing what is going on behind closed doors that, it takes a 27 year-old ocean lover to shed light on this big issue that affects us all? How are governments not doing anything about it? Oh yeah, money.

The more I learn about diverse topics related to sustainability, the more I realize how disgusting the human race really is. We are by far the worst species on the planet, we are just killing the Earth more rapidly than ever before.

The documentary ends saying how a way to reduce all of this is to eliminate fish from our diets. I am well aware that means going vegan, if we take into account the fact that this documentary is made by the same people as Cowspiracy. I am personally not a vegan but I am willing to reduce my intake on fish. I understand some people may be a bit reluctant about doing that, but I just say, if you do not want to completely eliminate fish from your diet, at least reduce it. Try to learn as much as possible about who you buy your fish from, I am well aware it is hard, but I feel like if we all try and do our best, this fishing situation can be improved in some way.

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