Starting the year, I mentioned I wanted to share my journey as an entrepreneur. Sharing different things I encounter throughout the way with my co-founder, how we started getting clients, the difficulties of getting new clients during the pandemic… all these things I usually do not talk about in here.

So I guess I should start from the beginning. Back in September, one of my friends and I decided it was about time to do something with our lives after 8-9 months with no jobs because of Covid. We both had always wanted to have our own marketing agency and we decided we would just do it. It was a huge risk due to the situation, but we decided to continue anyway.

Starting a company is no joke, we really started from scratch and had no idea where to begin, so we thought the best way to start was of course thinking about a name for us. I think it took us about two weeks to come up with the name we actually liked (both of us), we eventually went with The X Agency (I can do a whole post explaining the name and how we decided on it if you are interested). If you ever start a business, make sure you are trademarking your brand name, that way no one will be able to use it a part from you. Make sure you do that before you start spending money on branding, start all your social media profiles, create a catalogue and a website… all that jazz, because if the name already exists or is too similar to an existing one… all that work will be for nothing.

Anyway, once we had the name, we really had to make the decision of going official and create a legal business. We decided not to. It depends on the countries, but in Spain, if you start a business, as the owner you need to be self-employed, that means every single month you have to pay certain fees, and we were in no way, shape or form ready to face any type of spending. That is why we decided to start promoting our future business and looking for clients. Some people decide to go ahead and start a business without having any clients, but we just thought the best thing to do was to see if someone actually would trust us and hire us, and once we had those clients, make it official. Of course each to their own, but for our own situation, that is what made more sense.

We had some luck and found two different clients that believed in us and gave us a chance to prove ourselves, so once we knew we were hired and we would be able to pay for the self-employed fees, we decided to make it official. Lucky for us, my colleague’s parents own a consultancy agency, so they were able to help us out with all the formalities and procedures at no extra cost. On the 4th December 2020, we presented all the paperwork necessary to create a company, and on the 7th December 2020, we became official.

The X Agency was now a reality, and it was up to us to make it last.

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