I had something completely different in mind when I planned this post back in early 2020. I was thinking about reflecting on the things I had accomplished, what I could have done different, what I couldn’t do… but honestly after the year we have all had, I king of want to switch it up a little bit and not get stuck on the typical “What are my new year’s resolutions” type of post.

This year has definitely made me realize how much small things matter, and how much we take things for granted. I would never have thought I would spend 3 months of my 22 year-old life being stuck inside. If someone would have told me in January: “hey, just so you know, half of the year you are going to be inside because of a deathly pandemic”, I would not have believed it, but here we are. 

What I have learnt during 2020 have been a few different things. The first one, as I have mentioned, start appreciating small things in life. Being outside going for a walk with friends, spending time with your family… things like that I used to take for granted, this year has been completely different. I have also learnt to take my mental health into account for everything and to take care of myself. Always having stuff to do is an easy way out to distract myself and not worry about my anxiety but having to be indoors for most of the year… I have had to deal with it. No traveling or shopping to get distracted, partying with my friends and constantly doing things, this time it was me, myself and I.

I am well aware that this year I won’t be writing: Travel to 5 countries, volunteer, or anything of that sort. This year it will go more like: be able to see my friends whenever I want to, be able to celebrate my birthday with my loved ones, not having to wear a mask… which years ago would have been critiqued by Yours Truly, this year are my priority.

I have to admit this year has been BAD, but it could have been worse. At the end of the day, I have been able to create amazing memories from the little times, and it has definitely made me more appreciative of how lucky I am that I am in my position. I don’t have a family to feed, I am not homeless, I am able to live with my parents, I am able to eat every single day. So no, I can’t complain much.

I really hope all of you reading this have a wonderful entry to 2021. I sincerely hope we are all able to do much more this year but always keeping in mind we should be kind to one another, you never know what others are going through, we should have loads of empathy to others and stop being so selfish.

Wear your mask, sanitize your hands, and HAPPY 2021!

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Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

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