I have left this blog a little abandoned. I am well aware of that, and today I am here to tell you why. 2020 is finally over but today I am here to explain to you what I have been up to these months that I have been missing and what to expect for 2021.

As we all know, we are still going through a global pandemic, so that has made me change a few of my plans I had planned for 2020. I was supposed to move back home to Barcelona after living abroad, go on a trip around Northern Europe for about a month and then come back to a new job. Well… that didn’t happen exactly like that. It went more like: I came back home, my flights got cancelled so I got some flying credit, money back or lost the ticket money, of course the month trip did not happen, my new job told me that for Covid conditions they no longer required me and spent most time of my 22-23 years on a lockdown. Not ideal, but could be worse.

When people tell you your 20s are going to be the best years of your life, I did not exactly plan to go through a global pandemic, and spend so much time indoors, but I have definitely learnt a few things.

If I am being honest, I can’t complain much, I was lucky enough to move back to my parents house so at least I wasn’t homeless, most of my family and friends have been safe and sound and have not got Covid, and I am well aware that not everybody can say the same. The amount of people that have lost their jobs, their life and their loved ones is insane, so being stuck indoors for a few months is not that bad if we compare, right?

Although I was expecting a very different year for me, I have to say that I have tried to make the most out of it, and here is where one of the updates come in, you ready?

I started a business. I knoooooow, a bit crazy thinking about the times we are living in but I mean if no one is going to give me a job, I decided to create my own. I will get more into it in 2021 as everything is kind of new and if I introduce the business to the blog, I want it to be the focus of the post. At first it was a hard and weird decision to make, while thousands of businesses are closing, am I really going to open one? If they were not able to survive… how am I going to make it? These were a few of my questions, luckily I was not alone in this, we decided to start our business with one of my best friends from college. we both wanted to do it eventually so we just decided to go ahead and do it now, why wait more years if we literally have nothing else to do?

I feel like this post is going to be pretty long but after not posting for months, I have to admit I missed writing. I have realized what I love and not love writing about, and I wanted to know if posting about my journey as an entrepreneur at 23 would be interesting for anyone? I am definitely messing up a lot and learning from my mistakes so I really want to share different experiences I have gone through.

Let me know what you think about that, and I will see you on my next post, which is going to be a reflection on my New Year’s Resolutions from last year. Going to be interesting that is for sure.