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One of the things I have personally wondered during this pandemic is, how easy it is to travel to certain countries? I have always loved traveling so of course this period we are unfortunately going through has made countries put some safety restrictions regarding the country of origin. Having booked the Greece trip for more than half a year, of course we were not planning on a global pandemic, therefore, we had to constantly check for changes from the Hellenic Government to make sure we had all the proper paperwork to travel.

I just want to say that all the information I will be writing is going to be from my own experience. Different countries have diverse restrictions and mandatory paperwork so I can only speak for travelers heading to Greece from Spain and countries that are in the same situation.

Before getting to Greece:

  • Negative test. One of the requirements in order to enter to Greece was taking a Covid test maximum 3 days before your flight, and the result had to be negative. Without the negative result clearly you were not accepted to get into the country. I feel like this is a logical thought but I saw some people at the airport trying to go through with a positive outcome… so I guess not that logical for everyone.
  • Government form. 48h before your flight maximum you hd to fill in a form through the Hellenic government’s website where you had to write down all the places you were staying during your stay in Greece, your flight and personal details, who were you traveling with… details that they may need if they had to get in touch with you for whatever reason. Yet again, if you did not have that beforehand, you were denied the flight while checking in. They made us show everything at least 3 times before we got on the flight.

Getting to Greece:

  • Random tests at the airport. You read that right. Even after spending my money on getting an urgent test to get my results in time, at the airport of the destination they make “random” tests. I just want to say that all the flight that came from Barcelona in exception of two people were “randomly” selected for the test. I do understand it is because we were coming from Spain and the cases are up the roof but it was just too obvious the was the reason. We all had to get tests done before and we got to Athens because we were negative but I guess it just measured me that I was negative. In case of being positive you would get contacted through the form as they scanned it before testing you.
  • Wearing masks. Depending where you go, it is mandatory to wear a mask or not. When it comes to Mykonos for example, you were free to choose weather you wanted to wear a mask or not, but if you wanted to get into a bar or restaurant, in that case it was mandatory. Santorini on the other hand, they had no cases so it was not mandatory to wear mask, even to get into restaurants or bars. Make sure you are aware of the rules wherever you go in the country.

Coming back home:

  • Spanish Government form. When we left to go to Greece, there was no form we had to fill out from our country of origin, but of course things change and we were able to get the form to return back home in time for our flight. Luckily, we had to ill it out maximum two days before flying and the QR was created at that very moment and sent to you straight away. We had to show the Qr while checking into our flight as well as when we landed before exiting.

Hopefully this was helpful as a few of you have been sending me dm’s on Instagram while I was in Greece regarding all the things I had to do before traveling. As you can see, it was not that much but the test was the hardest part because of the date of my flight, it would have probably been fine if I would have traveled during the week.

If you still have specific questions regarding the steps or where to find the forms, you can always let me know in the comments down below or through social media. You can follow my Instagram for daily posts and blog sneak peaks. Also make sure to follow my blog to be notified every time I new post comes out!