I have always dreamt of going to Santorini ever since I was a little girl. I would always see all these bloggers going there and would see its beauty through their videos and everything the island has to offer, so it was definitely on top of my places to go. Although I was looking forward going to all the islands, Santorini was definitely the ones I was most nervous about. Just because I didn’t want to go there with all these expectations and then be disappointed they were not met… but I couldn’t be more wrong. We took the ferry in the afternoon and got there around 5pm. When booking the trip, we decided to go all out with Santorini and book a luxury villa, yes, we had a jacuzzi in the room, that’s how extra and overboard we went.

A transfer picked us up from the port and brought us straight into the hotel. In there we were greeted by the nicest receptionist ever, he marked down interesting places for us to visit as well as a catamaran tour we eventually booked. You probably saw all that if you follow me on Instagram, make sure you follow me if you haven’t already! 🙂

We stayed in Fira, the capital of Santorini, and we were 5 minutes away from the town center. We were lucky enough to find a restaurant that had a free table next to the sea, so on our first night in Fira we were able to enjoy the sunset while we were having dinner.

The morning after we had our catamaran excursion that we spontanesouly booked one day before once we arrived at the hotel. We left the villa at around 9.30am and we were brought to the port. In there the crew checked our temperature and led us to our boat. The catamaran was huge and we only shared it with another family, basically it was semi-private. We were able to enjoy the sea while we learnt about some places of the island of Santorini such as the lighthouse, the white and red beach, the caldera (which is where the volcano is). We had lunch in the boat and the last stop was at the white beach where we could swim for about an hour.

After the excursion was done, we decided to relax a little bit in our villa and we went down to the pool before starting to get ready to head to Oía for dinner and to see the famous three blue domes during sunset. I just want to say that if you are planning to go to Santorini, make sure you bring with you some comfortable shoes. Oía is really pretty but you get everywhere walking. The main streets are all pedestrian and the pavement are old pebbles so make sure you can walk comfortably in your shoes. I know heels look pretty and all but believe me, you may twist your ankle if you decide to wear them, unless you are a pro at it or a risk taker.

Oía is way smaller than Fira and I recommend going for a few hours. With that amount of time you can see the whole town being honest. We walked around some local shops and eventually chose a restaurant where we had 360º view of Oía so we were able to see the sunset as well. Once we were down with dinner we decided to go back to Fira and have some fun in a bar, it was our last night in Greece after all so we decided to party all night long.

The next morning we just walked around Fira just to say goodbye to the wonderful views and lovely tiny white streets, we headed back to villa to check out and then the airport for our trip back home. All in all, I loved the trip, of course I would have loved to stay way more than we did but I mean… couldn’t afford if I am being honest. The only positive Covid thing about the trip is that the islands were pretty empty so that was great for us regarding prices and just the overall experience. There was no mass tourism which was appreciated but it was a bit sad seeing the restaurants and shops so empty as I am well aware they only work during the summer season so it must have been pretty hard on the business, like every destination where they rely on tourism as their main economic source.

Either way, the people were lovely, the food was unreal, we had such great weather and the islands could not have been prettier. I truly recommend visiting at least one Greek Island in your life so you can experience its culture & beauty.

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