After two days in Mykonos, it was time to move on to the next island, Paros. In there we stayed in Parikia, a town way more calm and played back than Mykonos. It is the capital town of Paros, although there is also another popular town in the island called Naoussa, where most of the bars and cafes are located. There is more nightlife over there than Parikia.

To get to Paros from Mykonos we took a ferry, it took us about 1 hour and 20 minutes so it was fairly fast. The hotel we stayed at was Aegean village and we loved it really. It was less than 5 minutes away from the town center and seriously the cutest place. Yet again, we explored the town for a little bit as we liked doing that to know the areas we were staying in a bit more. Paros was way more layed back and relaxed than Mykonos (& then Santorini). People were really chilled and talkative and you could tell their slow way of live, completely different to what we are used to back home in Barcelona.

The morning after we decided to have a whole day dedicated to the beach. We had been in Greece for about 3-4 days and we still had not hit the beach once! We decided to go to Kolimpithres as it is not only one beach, there are tiny little beaches along the way and you can just choose the one you prefer. It was about 15 minutes away by taxi from Parka, it was closer to Naoussa but 100% worth the journey.

We then decided to head to Naoussa in the evening to have some dinner and drinks over there to explore a bit another town of Paros. Naoussa was a bit more lively regarding bars and more oriented to tourists meanwhile Parka was more chilled and local. We were able to catch this beautiful sunset before heading to Naoussa. That is one thing about the Greek Islands, the sunsets you will see are out of this world. You are able to see all the colors changing in the sky and the oranges and reds peaking through way more intensely than I have ever seen back home in Barcelona or any other place.

The morning after we decided to wake up early and stroll around Parikia once again to finish exploring its little tiny streets, we headed back to the hotel and we checked out. It was time to get some lunch and head to our last stop of our Greek Adventure Week: Santorini.

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