Our second part of the trip came fast enough. After less than 24 hours in Athens, it was time to head back to the airport and go to Mykonos! I am not going to lie, if you are not keen on flying (like me) you may not like what you see next but we had to go with a HELIX PLANE. Not the best when you are scared of heights and flying but believe me… SO WORTH IT I’D DO IT AGAIN.

One of the good thigs about flying with a helix plane was that I was able to see all the islands getting to Mykonos and the view was way nicer than a normal comercial flight… but still not ideal for me. To get to the town you can get a transfer, but we decided to get a taxi, they are not that expensive and you can negotiate a price. We stayed at Elenitas Town House which is in the very center of Mykonos. We were close by everything we needed and it was very easy to get to places. We got there around sunset so we were able to enjoy it from our own little rooftop. Yet again, we decided to head to town just to explore the area and have some dinner. We eventually had dinner at Mamalouka. The food was excellent and the place itself was gorgeous. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll be able to find the place on my Greece highlights!

This picture was taken right outside our door.

Once we finished dinner we HAD to go get a drunk somewhere, I mean at the end of the day we are in Mykonos and although bars close 12am, we couldn’t stay at the Greek party island and not party! So of course we walked around until we found one where we spent the rest of the night.

The next morning we decided to explore Mykonos a bit more, we saw some cute churches ( I mean they are everywhere) and of course we had to visit the famous windmills and explore some Mykonos little fashion shops. Everything there is pretty exclusive and expensive so if you go for local shops with Greek cotton pieces and more authentic shops you will save up a lot of money trust me.

We had some lunch in Little Venice, unfortunately we were 5 so finding a table in front of the sea in that area is a but hard, but can’t complain about the views we had anyway! I will repeat myself a lot with this, but after traveling to three Greek Islands I can say they are literally like the postcards you see everywhere. I was a bit hesitant to get disappointed while going to the islands just in case it wasn’t as great but I COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG!.

We spent the whole afternoon walking around the little streets and discovering the island a bit more. All the streets have the cutest local shops where you can find anything you want! We went back to the house for a while to get ready and we decided we wanted to try out 180º Sunset Bar. I had heard about this place a lot but we had been debating the whole day if it was worth going as we did not have a reservation. We decided to try it out and I am so glad we actually did it. Below you’ll see the views we got and the beautiful sunset we got to see but make sure you go with plenty of time to start queuing. The place opened at 7.30pm but we decided to go around 6.45pm. Luckily for us, they still had space for us and the place was full four groups after us so we definitely got lucky!

Mykonos view from 180º Sunset Bar.

Once we saw the sunset and spent a few hours in the Sunset Bar, we decided to head for dinner. I just want to say that wherever you go in Greece, you will eat gorgeous meals. Either way, we had some dinner and headed to Bao, a bar we had heard about round the island and decided to try out. We had so much fun and the drinks were delicious. One of the positive things is that the DJ was really nice and played all the songs we requested him so that is always a plus? Once the bars closed down, we still decided to walk around Mykonos and enjoy our last few hours before having to check out the morning after to head to Parkía, in Paros.

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