I can’t believe I am actually writing this post. I had prepared a draft as soon as I booked the trip but because of Covid-19, my friends and I were not 100% sure we’d be able to travel so the fact that I am writing these words down is incredible.

We had been planning the Greece trip with my friends since the end of 2019 and eventually booked it by January 2020. Little did we know we would be facing a few months of unknown regarding health and safety regulations as a result of Covid. I think I will definitely do a separate post regarding the different things we had to do before travelling and during our stay regarding to hygine and regulations if you are interested, I think it could be pretty helpful!

Our Greek adventure started in Athens (23rd August 2020), we were supposed to land during mid day but our flight was changed to 6pm. Let’s be honest, it is not ideal as we lost the whole day but could be worse. Either way, we decided to make the most of out of our less than 24h in the Greek capital. The first night we had dinner during the flight so we just explored a bit our Airbnb area to familiarise ourselves with the neighbourhood. We stayed 10 minutes away from the Acropolis, so it was full of restaurants & shops.

The next morning we decided to get up bright and early to make the most out of the early hours and visited the Acropolis. Visiting it was one of my childhood dreams as I have always been very passionate about everything related to Greek, Roman & Egyption culture. As it was early and because of Covid, we were able to enjoy every single minute of the Acropolus without having to fight for our lives to take pictures or enjoy the place itself. We had the whole place for ourselves, we did not have to queue or wait long to have a small peak of anything, can’t complain about that.

Get ready to have a workout in whenever you visit the Acropolis, it is uphill and extremely worth it. If you are less than 25 years old, you get in for free but only with ID and in the ticket office. If you rather book it online, the cheapest you’ll be able to find is the reduced priced (10€) which not everyone can have access to if you do not meet the requirements.

One we got out the Acropolis we decided to have a nice breakfast at a place we found called Ellyz. It is one of the most aesthetic places I have ever seen and the food was extremely good. I really recommend it if you are heading to Athens. Before we knew it, we already had to check out from the Airbnb so we decided to go to Syntagma square, where the Hellenic Parlament is located. Around it there’s the National Park where we strolled a bit to find some shade and eventually we headed to one of the shopping streets to find a restaurant before heading to the airport again.

Going and returning from the airport was fairly easy as Athens is not huge so there are not that many metro lines that go around. It is not that confusing. It took us about 40-50 minutes to go to the airport, and in case you plan on going to Athens soon enough, the M3 is the line you need to take. You can buy the tickets on the spot in the train station. Trains and metros share the station so you just need to be cautious and be aware you are heading to the right place.

My overall experience in Athens was pretty good. I was a bit surprised of how much graffiti there was everywhere. Things did not look the best taken care of regarding the buildings but the restaurants on the other hand could not have been nicer with great customer service. I would have definitely would liked to stay a bit longer and be able to visit more things but more exciting things were on the way… It was time to head to Mykonos!

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