Staycation is my thing this year. I don’t even remember the last summer I spent in Catalonia so it is kind of weird but interesting to be staying around instead of being abroad. Either way, I have never explored la Costa Brava as deep as I am doing this year, yes I had been before BUT, I am literally doing all the coast this year, and I absolutely love it.

On Tuesday my friends and I decided to go to Begur. It is a little town located in Baix Empordà, has less than 4.000 inhabitants but it is a hot spot during summer for locals. It has beautiful beaches and coves, the water in Costa Brava is one of the clearest and bluest ones if I’m being honest (literally obsessed).

To get there from Barcelona is pretty easy. There are this buses called SARFA which get you to anywhere in Costa Brava. That is the only downside to this coast, it is only accessible by road, there are very few trains that can get you to the main places. I have attached the link to SARFA just in case anyone is interested in knowing where you can head from Barcelona. 


In Begur, although the town itself is absolutely beautiful, there are a few important coves such as Sa Tuna, Aiguafreda & Aiguablava and we decided to go on the latter. Because of Covid, there were delimited zones for each group of people going in which felt pretty safe. We did have to queue for 15 minutes as we went in the afternoon after spending the day walking around the town so of course early birds were able to get in no bother. Expect a little queue to go in if you go later on the day. They also have an app now that tells you the occupation of each beach and cove so you can be aware if they are full or still have some space to go. It is great to know if it worth your time heading there or not. 





Being honest, it wasn’t as busy as I thought it was going to be. I am used to summers with massive tourism so it does feel great going places in your area without it being full of tourists 24/7 (not going to lie though, there are still tourists, I hear more French than Catalan and Spanish… but it is not what it used to be). 

I recommend going to Begur 100%. The town is extremely cute with little local shops and also loads of restaurants really well priced. To get to the coves and beaches, you don’t really need to worry about having a car as there are different buses that depart every 2 hours from one of the main squares and get you around for only 1€. 

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