I am well aware I haven’t posted in a long while, and being honest I did get a bit anxious about it for a few days, I have been writing one post at least per week for a whole year so not posting anything and seeing the days go by has been a bit weird. I just needed a break.

During quarantine, every single day was about creating content and brainstorming, and at the end of the day I did get a bit burnt out. It is not that I did not enjoy it, is just that I ended up seeing it more as a chore than something I enjoy doing and choose to do. Then everything with Black Lives Matters movements took off and it didn’t feel right posting about fashion and beauty hacks when such important movements were starting to get the light they deserved. I am well aware a lot of bloggers and Youtubers chose to jump on the “buying items from black owned shops” and stuff like that but it didn’t feel right anyway.

I spent all June and most of July until now with my friends, going to little country houses that some of them own and just trying to disconnect and relax. Basically trying to appreciate every single thing we took for granted before quarantine and that now I treasure more than anything. It really helped me getting into another head space (that I really needed) and just have some ideas more clear.

Taking a break was definitely something I needed, and it truly helped getting some ideas for the blog and deciding which direction I want to take after everything with Covid exploded. I have a trip planned for the end of August so if it does go ahead and I am able to go, I will make sure to do a travel guide and different posts about it, worry not!

Either way, I am happy to say I am back with new ideas and plenty of energy to get back on track! Simply Carla’s World is back people đŸ™‚