As promised, here is a more extensive guide on what to do and see in Fermanagh. As I mentioned in my previous post, Fermanagh is one of my favorite counties, its natural beauty is incredible. Most of the activities are nature related, there is definitely plenty of walks to do around the area so if what you are looking is a more city related visit, you should check out my other travel guides! Please keep in mind I took some of this pictures a few years back so the quality may not the greatest in some of them, I do hope you still enjoy the post! 🙂

  • Lough Erne. It is one big lake which consists of two aces interconnected, is one of the biggest lakes in Northern Ireland and is basically divided by the Upper & Lower Lough. The lake contains a few little islands such as Boa Island, Lusty Beg & Devilish Island to name the most important ones. A pretty common activity is to visit the islands by kayak if weather permitted. It is great to just do some exercise and enjoy the natural beauty of the County. Being Ireland of course you may experience all the seasons in two hours so you better be prepared to get a bit wet while kayaking. There are also some tours available that go from Enniskillen, the main village of Fermanagh, to the Upper Lough Erne where tourists can explore unspoiled countryside.



  • Lough Navar Viewpoint. As its name indicates, it is a viewpoint around 5km away from the village of Derrygonnelly. There are plenty of walking trails with different lengths (you have options depending on how long you want to take) and also a 10km scenic drive to the top. The Aghmeelan Viewpoint is the most popular one which is basically a car park with the best views ever. 


  • Castle Caldwell. The Castle was built between 1612 and 1619 during the time of the Plantation of Ulster. Unfortunately nowadays you can only see some ruins but it is still worth a look. It is located in the forest park of Castle Caldwell and it is pretty easy to access. It is located 5 minutes away from Belleek, so it is a nice stop after visiting Belleek Pottery.  In the park, there are some walks you can do and you can enjoy some great views of the Lough Erne like the one below, this picture was taken mid summer so it may be a bit more gloomy if you decide to visit during the winter months. 



  • Florence Court. An 18th century Georgian styled home, Florence Court. It has beautiful gardens that are definitely worth a visit. Yet again, it also has se extensive walks so it is great to have a little excursion. You can get tours from the house as well. It is also located outside Enniskillen, a 15 minute drive away. It is located nearby Marble Arch Caves & Cuilcagh Boardwalk Trail. 
FC summerish
Credit: National Trust
  • Marble Arch Caves. One of the things in this list I haven’t personally done. The visit is really weather dependent and Northern Ireland is rainy as hell so it is always a bit hard but from what I have heard, worth it. i feel like one picture is worth 1000 words so just check out below what you can find. 
Credit: TripAdvisor
  • Cuilcagh Boardwalk Trail. And this is the second thing I haven’t been able to do after living there just because I never had the courage to do it if I am being honest. It basically takes around 3 hours on average to finish it and it has the nickname of stairway to Heaven. Yet, again, here is a picture that will show you what it is better than I could ever explain. 
  • Castle Coole. It is a neoclassical house (18th century mansion). It is a great place to walk around and enjoy the beauty surrounding the mansion. You can visit the inside of the mansion but I usually just walk around. it is a great way to enjoy nature. It is located just outside Enniskillen, you can get there by walking from the town so it is easy to access. It officially costs £4 to get in the property but if you ask me, I have never paid to get inside.
Credit: Tully Mill Cottages
  • Viewpoints. Driving by the lake you are going to find loads of viewpoints with stunning views, but even better ones in certain times of the day for example sunrises and sunsets. The colors in the sky are incredible and during the summer months you get a full reflection on the lake because of the brightness.



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