I used to spend so much money (and constantly) in all these random things I really did not need. It was more of an impulse buy than a thought process of truly thinking I needed something, if that makes any sense. Since this quarantine started, I found myself realizing what I really needed and what was more of an impulse. During the whole two months locked indoors, I have only bought one hoodie. I haven’t spent money on going to restaurants because they are closed, I have refused to order food and get it delivered through platforms such as JustEat, Deliveroo or Glovo as it is not fair for their workers and i haven’t been able to go outside and just look through the latest collections in shops.

I have realized that now I am a bit more aware of local and smaller businesses, I feel like they are the ones suffering the most in this situation as they may not have thousands or millions of euros like other big businesses may have to survive. 

Shop local. Even grocery shopping, I now go for smaller shops that are not part of a huge chain and I try to also buy local products. Although there is not that much I can do to help, at least I will do everything in my power to help smaller businesses survive during these times. 

More conscious on what I want to buy. I haven’t bought anything as I said previously but I am thinking more about different items I want to buy in the future. I am thinking more about the quality and versatility than the fact that I want it just because. I have loads of clothes already, I really can’t complain, so I feel like now I am realizing that the things I buy need to have a purpose in my closet. 

Realizing I have a bigger impact than I thought. I have been working since I was 15, so I have known form a young age that getting money is not easy, you have to work for it. Now that I unfortunately don’t work and have to be very sensible on what I spend my money on, I kind of realized how much my spending decisions affect businesses, so I am trying really hard to be aware of that. 

Much love,