Our world was turned upside down by Covid, it has been a few difficult past months for everyone, a lot of people are unforuntately losing their lives to this disease, and thousands are being the world heroes without capes by trying their best to help everyone in need. When it come to me, I am not a necessary worker or a first line worker, so I have been trying my best to help, in my reachable measures, as much as I can during Covid. That has been staying home for almost two months now. It has been hard, and I am not going to lie, there has been days that I thought I was properly losing my mind, but I knew it was necessary for the better good for me to still be indoors.

Being stuck in the same space 24/7 can be hard, even more if you require inspiration to do certain things such as content creating. Some times you just need some fresh air to help you come out with ideas, so I have been struggling a bit to come up with blog post ideas and Instagram content for the reason as well. Either way, I have found my ways to just keep sane and keep pushing through this weird time for all, here are my tips!

  • Exercise. I know I say this in almost every post about being in quarantine but I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep yourself active during period like this. We can’t go outside so the first reflex is to lay in bed or couch all day watching movies and tv shows, which don’t get me wrong, it is great. But at the same time, you can’t forget about being active. It doesn’t necessary need to be a workout every day, but if you enjoy dancing like I do, a lot of LA studios and probably around your area, are doing free online classes so you can always take one to move a bit.
  • Lay in the sun a bit. Of course if you live in a colder country this may be a bit harder but it laying in the sun for a little bit in the morning while in my balcony really tricks my mind into thinking I am outside. I wear some shorts or a bikini and I tan for a little bit to get that vitamin D!

  • Do some cooking research. I have been very into trying new recipes, I literally have nothing else to do so may as well just learn something that can be useful on the long term? Been trying to do some healthy meals but super delicious and tasty which let’s be real, it’s a win-win. Also been baking a lot so the exercise part helps if you are eating more than usual.
  • Keep in touch with your friends. I MISS MY FRIENDS SO MUCH. Like I am so done talking to them virtually, I want to personally see their faces. BUT! Been honest, just face timing them or Skipping has made me stay sane, just having someone to talk to is always nice. We are all in this together as High School Musical taught us so just going through it together and trying to keep each other motivated and positive to keep going it’s a great plus!

These truly seem obvious things but sometimes we just need to be reminded of these little things that can truly make a difference.

Much love,