If you have been reading me for a while, you probably know I am a very simple and bronzy makeup lover. I do not have the skill to go all artsy and creative with makeup although I do love seeing it on other people. Being locked indoors has really given me the courage to just try to do some more colorful and crazy makeup that I usually do not wear. 

For a lot of people, makeup is not something you wear because you are insecure, it is an art and you require a technique and a vision. I have always admired people that with only a palette can create the most creative, colorful and bizarre looks on themselves, it is truly a talent, a talent I unfortunately do not have. For that reason, as I shared with you on my previous post: “practice or come up with a new skill”, I chose makeup.

The first look I created, if you follow me on Instagram you have seen it already (you can follow me in here!), it is this rainbow look which I saw on James Charles and I decided to recreate it (of course it does not look close to the original but I did try my absolute best hehe).

I chose this look just for the fact that it is colorful, I usually do not play with color because I am going to be honest, it scares me a little. I feel like you really need to suit them and I have never been sure I can. Another reason why I decided to choose this look is because you require a blending technique that I knew I had to practice a lot to make it look kind of decent and put together. I am quite happy with how it turned out, it is definitely not great, but it could have been way worse.


The second look I went for an all pink vibe as it is one of my favorite colors when it comes to eyeshadow so why not play a little bit with all the tones I could get hold on? Also, this look really reminded me of Ariana Grande’s music video “7 rings”, maybe it is just the fact that everything in there was pink? Probably, but I am not mad about it. This look was way easier than the first one just for the fact that I did not have as many colors so if there was a mistake, it was not that noticeable. With the rainbow look, every color out of its place, YOU COULD TELL and it would ruin the whole final look so in this one I was definitely more relaxed. 

This third look I called it COVID-19 in style, just because that’s literally what it looks like. That we are literally stuck at home and can’t really go outside unless it is for groceries, trash or walk the dog… I decided I would create a look that matches my mask. It was pretty fun to create because again, I had never tried blue eyeshadows before so it was pretty exciting but scary at the same time. For most of these looks I used the Carnival palette by Perfect cosmetics, but most of the inner corner colors were from the Conspiracy Palette by Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star (just in case you are wondering). 

Again, it was inspired by the masks as most of them have the blue inside or details around it. The light blue mixed with a darker tone was what I eventually came up with. Overall, was not as bad as I thought it was going to turn out.

I am generally pretty happy how the final looks turned out, I definitely need a lot of practice but from not knowing how to do any of this, to kind of successfully make it look ok (not great but just ok), it is a huge step for me. I will be practicing and playing around with more makeup this next days and see what else i come up with! You can follow my Instagram in here if you want to get updates on what I am doing during quarantine, when my posts are up or just general updates! 🙂

Again, I hope all of you are safe and everyone around you and yourself are healthy, we are closer to all of this being done! Be strong and safe x

Much love,