I have seen a lot of people struggling through social media about having to work or study from home, they don’t know how to do it, they can’t seem to find ways that work, so I decided to share my tips as they have been working for me and I have been feeling extremely productive these days. I am well aware we all have different lives, works, classes… so you may need to manage it differently, but I just wanted to share my own tips and see if I can help anyone out there that is currently struggling. 

My number one priority when the quarantine started was to get myself a routine, to not let myself be all over the place. Being stuck at home with only me as my boss and my willingness to do things was not enough. That you are not actually going to the office or class doesn’t mean you can get up every single day at 2pm because you stayed late the previous night. Try to keep the routine you already had. What I have done is delay the time a bit, instead of getting up at 7.30am, I now wake up at 9am. I personally do not have work now, with all the countries on lockdown and businesses closed, my focus right now is my blog. That is the only reason why I have delayed my “get up” time. Try to get some breakfast, take a shower and get dressed so your body feels like you are entering work mode. Of course you can wear comfortable outfits, but still try to wear something else than your pajama. 

Another thing it has truly helped me getting motivated and willing to d ¡o some work has been creating a designated workspace. Even if it’s just a little table with the essentials, it’s important to have that distinct area where you can go into work mode. Otherwise you may just be chilling on the sofa and getting distracted because mentally you don’t feel like you are at work. Not having a job right now and being 100% focused on my blog, I do feel the difference on my writing when I am in my work area and the rest of the house, believe me, it makes a huge difference.

You also need to make sure you take breaks and walk around the house. That you are working or studying from home doesn’t mean you are not entitled to breaks and down time. Being stuck at home, it may be hard to just decide when to take breaks or how to take them. Just do it at your usual time you’d take them in the office and just make some tea or coffee and walk around so you are not stiff. 

To do lists are your best friend. I am a huge fan of to do lists, I always have. I believe it is a great way to kind of see what you need to get done throughout the day so you have that extra motivation we sometimes may be lacking while working or studying from home. I am a very visual person so having a list in front of me with everything I need to get done really helps me get into work mode and wanting to cross everything on that list for that specific day. I personally do one every single day, because I see myself getting lazy when it’s weekly as I know I have 7 full days to do everything. Also, don’t get too crazy with the amount of things you need to do, be aware of how many hours you have to finish everything and be realistic.

This next tip may be a little obvious but do not do house chores. I mean, if you were in the office or class you wouldn’t get up to do laundry, wash the dishes or clean the house, would you? So do not get distracted doing those while you are working. It is going to create a distraction for yourself and break the routine you have created for yourself, making it even harder to get back to it when you wish to. 

And lastly, of course you need to finish your day. Finish up like you would normally do, do not overwork because you do not set working hours for yourself. It is important you know when you start your working day and when you finish it. Once you are done, get back to your pajamas or get all comfortable because now it is the time to relax and forget about work. 

I hope all these tips are somewhat useful, please do share new tips and what works for you, I am very curious to read all about it!

Much love,