And here we are… on week 3 of lockdown. As I saw that a lot of you were interested in my first coronavirus post of what to do at home, I came up with more options. I am well aware this time some of the points are a bit more deep than others but these are things I have personally done and really have helped me so here they are, I hope they are helpful! 🙂

  • Try new recipes. Now that you are stuck at home, you probably cook way more than you used to (at least I do), so why not try new recipes or different variations of your favorite dishes. It can be a nice moment to get some cooking experiments going and see what comes out out of it. Or if you don’t really want to test the waters, just find a new recipe online and try! This can also apply with baking, for whatever reason, everyone is obsessed with banana bread on my Instagram, but there are plenty of other options to choose from. Make some cupcakes or cake for yourself, I mean why not?


  • Have online parties. I have done this with my friends and it is actually really fun. I recommend using headphones, because if you live with someone else…. they may hear all the noise and not be 100% happy. What do I mean by an online party? Pretty easy, you get some food or drink and connect with your friends. There are plenty of apps now that you can connect more than 6 or 7 people so just get a group of you, get some snacks, drinks, music and you are all set. You can have dance battles, singing together or literally just sit down and talk, you choose!


  • Rearrange your space. If you are like me, every once in a while I need to rearrange my space. Don’t ask me why because I have always been like this, but I think it is because I get more inspired when I keep switching things up, call me crazy. Use this down time to just reset your room or any other space in your apartment and redecorate. The good things is that if you don’t like the final product, you can always bring it back to how it was, you have plenty of time so that is no issue at all. I rearranged my room a little, switched up the decor after my clean out and now I have empty drawers in my room which is crazy. Personally, it is very relaxing and fun so if you are bored, that is an idea for you right there.


  • Get artsy. Getting artsy can be from drawing, painting, coloring or DIY, the options are open. I recently came up with the idea of putting up all my Polaroid’s on the wall in my bedroom so that is definitely something I want to start doing. There are seriously no boundaries with it, want to paint the walls? Sure go ahead (if you live by yourself and you won’t get in trouble of course). You can also DIY your clothes, there are plenty of videos online and pictures on Pinterest to get inspired, maybe you would have never done it before, but now? Give it a try. Also! You can get artsy with makeup as well. I have always been pretty bad at the typical fancy looking eye looks so now I have taken this time to get into eyeshadows and try different looks. They are still not great but I have loads of fun with it. 


  • Fashion moments. If you are like me and you love fashion, this one will be pretty fun. I choose an outfit and literally have photoshoots around the house (you can check my tips on how I take my indoors pictures right here!). I also do catwalks for myself and I put outfits together for the “future”, whenever that is and can finally go outside and do things normally. I have the cutest outfits ready to wear, even if it is to go to the grocery store. After coronavirus, you will see me outside wearing the most extra outfits and I do not care, I’m going to be looking CUTE!


  • Get better at some skill. I am taking this time to really get my life together with French. I have all the time in the world so whenever I feel inspired, I just go ahead and practice. There are a lot of online course nowadays because of this situation so you can definitely take advantage of that (they are also discounted). Take up on a new skill you have always been interested in but have never been able to go through with it, now it’s the time to experience things you have never done before, we have time and nowhere else to go or be. Also, for some reason I really want to improve at makeup so that is definitely another skill I am going to really push these days!


  • Plan your future trip. This may sound a bit ironic due to the situations but let’s be positive, this is not forever. Hopefully in a few months this will all be behind us and we will be able to travel again. If you are a travel junkie (like me), try thinking different places you would like to go. If you have had trips cancelled, think if you want to spend that money on it or want to try something new. Again, the sky is the limit, get information about different destinations, what to do in each place and if you decide on somewhere specific, just get on with the research. Watch Youtube videos about the place, what to do, to see, how to save up money in the area… there are so many things to know before you go somewhere if you want to make your life easier, so take this time to do that.


  • Clean out your phone. Our lovely phone. This great device that we bring everywhere and sometimes full of shit. When I decided to finally clean out my phone I literally got surprised of how many things I had in there that I did not even remember. Firstly, the pictures. How many pictures do I need in my device?! I had about 10k which I narrowed down to 5k. Then after a few days I narrowed down even more, to 1.482 being precise, which are still a lot. I did the same with the videos, apps, music… Like the amount of useless things in there is incredible. Now I have my phone with so much space, I changed my locked screen and my wallpaper and it feels brand new. Sometimes we need to declutter our spaces right? Well with your phone happens the same.


  • Journal. I love journaling. It is a great way to just get extra real with how you are feeling, your thought, hopes and dreams. You can literally write about anything and everything. I have done since as long as I can remember, it has always been my little escape and it feels great when you are done. It is important to let your feelings out and be able to express yourself. I do not trust people 100% for different reasons so journaling has been my way of letting everything out of me and feel relieved. Some people like talking to councilors, therapists, friends or family, we all have our preferences, I decide to write. It is also a great way of putting your memories out there. I have my normal journal and then I have my traveling and experiences one. In there, I put pictures up and explained what I did, and I love reading them after a few years and just relive every single moment like it was yesterday. You don’t really need to journal for those reasons, you can also use it as a creative outlet. Maybe you start writing poems and stories and realize a new side of you, who knows. 


  • Reflect on things. I have had plenty of time to just think. Again, about everything and anything. I have been able to give a thought on what I want to do with my life, what is worth wasting my time in or who and not. It has really put everything into perspective. Things that I thought they were so important… they really are not. Just take time to look into yourself, who you are, if you are happy with the person you have become, if you want to improve something… I have done that and I am personally changing little things here and there with baby steps to really become the person I want. 

If you can come up with more ideas, make sure you put them in the comments down below so everyone can see and get inspiration! Hopefully we all get to our normal lives soon enough, and I really hope all of you, friends and family are safe and healthy.

Much love,