After being stuck at home for a 2 weeks, I can say that I am getting used to this. Not having anything to do a part from things I enjoy is not that bad. Ok, I am stuck in one place but I mean, it is not that bad. Everyone was picturing this self-isolation process to be lonely & boring but from my personal experience, is being everything but that.

Now I have plenty of time to focus on my blog which is absolutely great, the only downfall of it is that I have to take pictures in my house so clearly I will run out of spaces pretty soon. I apologize for the repeated locations in advance! I have been able to spend time with my parents now that I moved back to Barcelona and had no time to find a job or an apartment. I have connected with my friends in further ways than just texting, we call, FaceTime… it is nice to see their face and hear their voices and not only words on a chat. 

I have also cooked more, I have realized I eat out a lot, like A LOT. If it’s not eating out, I get it delivered, so the fact that I am cooking more, being more conscious about what I am eating and healthier options… that is great I won’t lie. I have been keeping up with TV shows and movies I have been wanting to watch forever and now I have the chance to. Of course, I am binge watching my Netflix favorites as well. 

I have no clue how many days, weeks or months of self-isolation I have in front of me but I have already written a few posts related to the coronavirus and different ideas on what to do while on lockdown, as well as some TV shows, movies & documentaries to keep you busy as well. I am going to continue writing different things that can be done while on lockdown and what I do to keep myself busy until all of this ends. I am sure we will all come up with different ideas that we can share and help each other!

I have also have had time to just think. About everything. It is a bit crazy to think we are currently living this and I never thought I would be 22 years old stuck at home because of a virus going on that kills people, it feels a little surreal and out of a movie. Either way, I hope this situation makes us as population and human beings realize the things that actually matter. I am not going into many details about my current thoughts on society as I get a bit heated up and this could become a pretty long blog, that is for another day. ANYWAY. As I was saying, hopefully we realize how lucky we are to have a roof on top of our heads & food on our table. If your friends and family are safe and healthy, that is really all that matters.

I have always said each generation has a major event that kind of defines the rest of the years. Our grandparents had world wars and some civil wars, our parents some of the them had fascism and we get the virus. I believe it is a cycle that never really ends, there is always going to be something, but it is important how we react. Please stay home and keep yourself and the rest safe. DO NOT panic buy, grocery shops have said they will remain open so there is no need to panic buy, just buy whatever you need like you always have, there is food for everyone, don’t be greedy and selfish.

Let’s all be generous on times like this, try to collaborate to make a safe environment for everyone and let’s hope this all ends soon enough. A lot of people has died from the virus already and there are thousands in hospitals currently fighting for their life so I wish them all the strength. As well as all the health care workers that are facing this crisis FIRST HAND. Trying to help others without even being properly protected because of the lack of medical equipment. To all the grocery and pharmacy workers that are dealing with this also first hand, that are there at work every single day so we can go and provide for ourselves with whatever we need. 

We should all appreciate all workers that are currently working to make the rest of our lives easier.


Much love,