I am not going to lie, I have been spending these days in lockdown in my pajamas, BUT, every once in a while I get the urge of wearing a cute outfit so I get up and get ready. I have always been a great believer that accessories make the outfit. You can wear jeans and a white cotton top, that if you add a belt, necklaces, earrings, rings and sunglasses, BOOM, perfect fashionable outfit. I also believe I have left my fashion posts a bit abandoned so I thought it was about time to create a post about one of my favorite things in fashion, ACCESSORIES. Since the trend started of layer necklaces that I have been a fan of it. The fun of the whole things is that the options are absolutely endless, it’s all on your imagination and in how many necklaces you think you should layer (spoiler, a lot).

In this blog post I am going to be sharing with you some of my tips on how I layer my necklaces as sometimes the lengths and chunkiness of them can become a little bit tricky, but worry not, I GOT YOU!


Of course it will all depend on the style you are going for and your personal style. For me, the messier the better in a way that it does not need to be perfect. I don’t mind having two necklaces on the same length as long as they complement each other. 

My first tip is what I like to call the focus point. There is always that one necklace you want people to look at or you want to drag attention to. In my case, the obvious focus point was the choker which has little rounds that resemble old coins. It is the bigger one as well as the busiest. For that reason, once I have picked the main necklace or focus point, then I try to balance the look out.

If you already have a busy necklace with a lot of things happening, maybe you want to slow down a little bit on the others and have dainty and simple jewelry, as I have said, it all depends on your taste. 

Of course, another tip is watch out on the length. What do I mean by that? Sometimes we love different necklaces but they are all the same length, therefore it won’t create the layer vibe we are going for. I have just said I do not particularly mind two necklaces being the same length or similar ones, but you really need to watch out that all the necklaces you want to add are not all the same. If so, they will look extremely messy.



On these pictures I have four different necklaces, the choker (main point), followed by a sun looking shape as the mid piece and a star and sun as the longer pieces. I liked how this two were the same length because of what they represent. Completely opposites, night and day, right next to each other. That is the main reason why I did not mind them being together. Either way, it can be appreciated how there is a descent in the length of the different necklaces.

You also really need to take into account the clothes you are wearing, if you are for example wearing a halter neck, I wouldn’t personally go for the layering necklace look just because there is already some “necklace looking” action happening around the neck with that shape. Deeper necks look great with the layering as you can really appreciate the necklaces. On the other hand, with turtle necks, I absolutely love how layering necklaces look. With everything covered up, sometimes the outfit can look a bit dull so I think it is great to spice the outfit up a little bit. 


Another tip is do not be scared of mixing metals, I know I am wearing all silver, but that is because I do not believe gold necklaces suit me as much. I do love a good metal mix (as the bracelets shown in previous pictures), and I believe it gives the outfit such a good vibe and personality.


Of course these are all tips based on my style but if you are looking for a different look, try different things and see what works best for you. Also, I have left all the items I could find down below as well as some similar ones to the original picture! 🙂

Much love,