As I have previously mentioned, doing this COVID-19 lockdown, I decided to reorganize my room. Having come home after living broad for a bit more than a year, there were plenty of items I had to relocate and find a new space for them. That being said, this task became way harder, “easier said than done” kinda situation. 

I had a few ideas for sure, I wanted to have little inspiration areas around my room. Little corners where I could look at it and feel somewhat inspired for the things I was seeing or what they meant for me. The main things that make me happy is: fashion & traveling; so of course I had to create  little space focused on those topics. 

The first one was some of the books that have inspired me,either for being world power and showing me if you work for what you want you can get it. How other people see fashion, and of course some of the places you need to visit. Without even trying, all the covers matched each other and created a wonderful aesthetic. On top of the floating shelf, of course I had to put the box of my first ever luxury item, my Alma BB by Louis Vuitton. I just wanted to put it out there not to brag or anything, but because it makes me happy. I put so much work and savings towards that item for years, so it is showing that I made it, I worked for it and as Ariana Grande says: I see it, I like it, I want it, (I skipped the I had to work my ass off), I GOT IT.

Lastly regarding this part of my room, my Polaroid. I got it for my 17th birthday (I am now 22 which is crazy who fast those years went by). I take it with me in every single trip I do, I always love having physical pictures that just bring me back to the time and place where I took them. I am a very “memories” the of person I like to call myself. I love everything that is going to make me remember of a good time. I much rather have physical photos than online albums. I find better to just go through pages of memories than scrolling down. 

The second little corner I created was 100% fashion OF COURSE. Throughout the years and during my travels, I have bought plenty of Vogue Magazines. From different countries, languages and years. I have taken just a few of my favorites and have just put them on the shelf with my precious Dior box & bag which I got from buying the crosier collection bracelets (I wear them every day). Of course this is also like a vision board but shelf style. There are plenty of items I want so this is just helping me visualize them, then I have to put the work and energy towards getting them.

These are my latest little corners i have created. Do you have any around your house? Did you create them to inspire you or just to decorate? I want to read all about it! 🙂

I will see you on Monday with my update on how I am keeping after the first full week on quarantine! If you have any blogs you think I should read, please let me know, I have plenty of time now and I would love to give support to others in the platform.

Much love,