For that day, I wanted to be comfortable as I knew I would be walking around a lot, but let’s be real, it’s Paris, so I am always going to be putting a little bit more extra care on how I look because any moment could become a photoshoot. For this particular day, I was wearing my favorite jeans from Zara as well as my favorite jumper from Nasty Gal. As I saw I was already wearing a lot of color, unusual for my black on black or black and white persona, I decided to throw on the best investment ever, my Zara black long coat, to keep it true to my black clothes lover style I like to go for. It is the coziest most classy looking coat I own and yes, I wear it constantly with ANY outfit.

For the shoes, I wanted to look a bit more put together so I did go for my black platforms, which were not the best option to walk around the city (although I wear them constantly and I know I can walk for hours). After 18km walked, my feet were a bit destroyed so maybe I should have gone for my white Converse instead. At least I looked cute, you know what they say: Il faut souffrir pour être belle! (One must suffer to be beautiful).

Of course as accessories I had to wear my Louis Vuitton Eva bag that I haven’t worn in a while, so of course while in Paris, let’s make my bag shine a little bit (being designed by a French designer I felt like I had to).

Regarding hair, I usually do not much to it, I just dry it, but today I wanted to test out a half up / half down hairstyle. I thought it looked a bit like one of those white dogs that get pom poms so their hair doesn’t get into their eyes, but I kinda liked how I looked so you can be sure I kept it the whole day. And makeup wise, I kept it simple and natural like always. I am not a huge fan of overly done makeup as it can really look cake-y and weird as time goes by throughout the day.

For this pictures, I finally got the chance to get some shots at the Insta-Famous spot: Rue de l’Université. It is usually packed with tourists or bloggers and never have space to get a nice picture but for this post, I finally got the chance to do it so please do enjoy about this hard-earned, long waited outfit pictures!


Much love,