A lot has been going on this past few weeks so I feel like I really needed a down time to just reflect on things and relax a bit. I spent all Sunday with one of my friends, we went for breakfast and then spent the morning just walking around the greenhouse in Belfast in Botanic Gardens. 

Being surrounded by plants, trees and flowers really helped just disconnect for a second and be able to take a breathe in. No stress, nothing to worry about, just nice conversations in a great surrounding. For some reason, today the sky was all blue which is particularly weird for Belfast, so it was definitely appreciated it.

It is healthy to just the a step down and realize you need either a day off, or maybe a few more days. It is good to reflect on life, if you are going through some difficult times or you feel overwhelmed, there is nothing wrong with having a chill day. Do nothing, or meet with your friends if it helps you.

We currently live in a really fast-paced life, so realizing we all need to stop and take some times for ourselves it is always important. Here are a few shots I shared on my Instagram story and I think they transmit the calmness and relax I was trying to get.

Much love,