If you have been a reader for a while… well you know I moved to Ireland for love and that relationship unfortunately has come to an end. Sometimes life has other things in store for us and we just need to take it and continue living. We have ended things very amicably which makes everything easier as we believe it is for the best for the both of us.

I was not entirely sure how I would be writing this post as I did not know how to really approach the topic adding pictures on the body as I normally do, so please excuse the lack of them.

Break ups are not an easy thing to go through, believe me, I am literally going through one right now so I do understand how hard and weird can feel, specially if you have been together for a while, I was in this specific relationship for three years and a half, so I am aware it is going to take time to heal, and that is OK.

However way you ended the relationship, now it is a time for growth and change. You can use this time to really work on yourself and build a person you are proud of, it is been a whole month now. Here are the different things I am personally doing to get my mind off things and trying to heal.

  • Keep yourself busy. Keeping your head thinking on other things instead of the break up can really help. I did get a few days off work as I was crying every two seconds but when I went back, it really helped take my mind off the actual break up. Of course, I had to book my self a trip because I guess I am going to take more seriously the “catch flights not feelings”.
  • Do things you have always wanted to do. Now you are your number one priority and don’t need to really accommodate anyone else on plans to make it enjoyable for both of you. Take that time to really do what you have always wanted to do but got hold back for whatever reason it was.
  • Travel. I love travelling so maybe this is a sign that I should be doing exactly that. I enjoy solo travelling a lot, and you get the chance to meet people from all over the world which is always nice. I am soon going to Poland, then heading to Scotland and then Iceland in a matter of two weeks.
  • Rely on your friends. Situations like these are the ones that truly prove to you who your real friends are. My “girlies” have been checking up on me CONSTANTLY (even the ones living in other countries) and I could not be more blessed friendship wise. They have been there when I have needed them and it really feels amazing to have someone to go to when things don’t go as planned.
  • Exercise. I am not personally doing this YET. I need to move back home at the end of March and once I do so, I am going straight to the gym to convert my sadness into a banging body! Not that I don’t love myself now (working on it), but it is always nice to keep your head somewhere else, and if you can keep yourself fit & healthy… that is a big plus!

Much love,