Hello friends. I thought it would be fair for me to do a part two of the Best Instagram Spots in my favorite city as I am always discovering new places to take my Insta shots. If you haven´t red my previous one, make sure you do clicking here!

After this shameless plug, let me get back to the topic of the post, INSTAGRAM. We all love it or hate it but there is one thing we want to do for sure, uploading pictures or videos. Now, creating content id not as easy as everyone thinks, you don´t really want to repeat yourself constantly… you need to find new spots every single time, otherwise… it has been seen already, boring.

For that reason, I thought I would share with you a few of the spots I have used in this last trip to Paris so if you are planning to go or you think you will eventually come, you can slay your Instagram game and know all the places.

  • Rue de l’Université. Now, this is a pretty “blogger” spot. I am not sure who was the first person who thought of this street and took the first picture, but I am sure everyone wants a shot in there. It is the perfect street with the typical Parisian houses looking straight into the famous Tour Eiffel, who does’t want that? Anyway, if you do try to take your shot, make sure you are coming in low season. After trying for 4 PARIS TRIP TIMES IN A ROW, I finally was able to get it this time. If it´s summer, it is going to be pretty impossible to do with everyone trying to take pictures and being in the middle all the time. I still got people and cars in mine and it is low season, so keep that in mind. 

  • Rue Crémeux. It is a street that reminded me of Notting Hill from London. It is full of beautiful bright colored houses and I think it is a pretty cute spot for pictures. It is a little bit out of the way as it is not located in the famous center of Paris near Louvre or Notre Damme. Located nearby Gare de Lyon so you can take the metro until there and then just walk about five minutes, trust me, very easy to get to.

  • Any café. Let’s be real, Paris has adorable cafés so you can always get a great shot from the typical Parisian terraces with the little tables and the chairs. You can always ask the waiter to take your picture too and they will gladly do so most times.

  • Boulevard Delessert. It is a street next to Trocadero in which you can have a pretty good view of the Eiffel Tower. Sometimes there are music videos being shot and a few people trying to get a shot of the little fountain at the bottom of the stairs. But if you go up, you can have a very cute Instagram spot.

If you ever go to Paris and go to any of this photo spots, please tag me on Instagram so I can check your pictures!

Much love,