And I am back. At this stage you believe my love for Paris for how many times I have visited it. It doesn’t matter how many times I have visited, I always come back, the beauty of it I suppose. At this point it feels like home, I feel comfortable and welcomed. I just love the beauty, the atmosphere & just the general vibe of the city. 

Maybe you are just tired of reading my posts about Paris, but as it is a city I enjoy being in and writing about, I don’t think my writing will stop any time soon. In this post I just wanted to share what I think are some misconceptions about Paris. I am a bit tired of always hearing the same myths about the city, because having been so many times, I can assure you half of what it is said is either a lie or a not well explained or understood truth.

  • Paris is expensive. When you are a very well established tourist destination, it is true you can charge whatever you want and people will pay, but saying that Paris is really expensive in comparison to other cities is a bit of a lie. You put your budget yourself, and I have gone to Paris before without even spending that much on my accommodation or just food & tickets. If you decide to eat in a centric restaurant surrounded by touristic landmarks, yes you will pay more, but like in every other European capital city.
    London is way more expensive yet I do not hear people complaining that much. You just need to look at where you eat & stay, there are always good offers around. You also need to take into account Fashion Week and high season for tourists. During those times, prices are going to sky rocket as it is natural, be aware of what time to go and you will be completely fine. I recommend going in May or September/October, so before and after the aftermath of all the fashion & summer events. If you look at prices and are aware of when the highest prices are going to be, you should be completely fine.

  • Parisians are unfriendly and rude. Yet another aspect I think it is a lie. Yes, there are rude and unfriendly people everywhere, so of course you may encounter not so pleasant people, but like everywhere. I have heard this comment before from people from small cities and villages. Me coming from Barcelona, I know people have a life and sometimes you don’t have time to just chit chat to people as much as in a village. If I have something to do, I am personally not going to acknowledge someone and start an hour long conversation simply because I do not have time. It is a big city, there is hassle and that is the way it goes. They can also come as rude because they do want to see foreigners try to speak their language or making an effort while approaching them for directions or help. It is just a matter of how you approach them and I am sure 9/10 times they will be nice to you.

  • The metro it is not safe. I have been on the metro by myself plenty of times. yet again, you have to be careful like everywhere in the world, but I have never felt unsafe. Are you going to find crazy people? Yes, yet again, like everywhere. It is just a matter of always being careful and keep your belongings in the front so you have an eye on the whole time.

  • They have bad service. Just because you are not used to it doesn’t mean it is a bad service. It is another country with different ways of doing things. If you are from a country like the United States, you might find the service bad because they are not seeking those tips. It definitely feels weird if you come from a place where service is usually excellent but it is just the way things are done in Paris, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad.

This are just a few of the things I believe are a bit of a misconception about Paris, let me know which misconception you have from your country or one of your favorite cities, I’d love to hear!

Much love,