I have been meaning to try this restaurant for a while now. I have walked by it plenty of times and thought to myself “Next time I want asian food I will definitely go here”, and of course… I don’t. But for a change, this time I did go and I thought I would share my experience with everyone.

Just for a little background, I am obsessed with Japanese food (I like all Asian food but my top one is Japanese). Here in Belfast there is not a wide variety of Japanese restaurants to go to, and most of them are not exactly great, food wise speaking. I am used to a large selection of restaurants, some focus on sushi, others ramen, noodles… others do EVERYTHING. Being used to that, when I moved to Belfast and was craving Japanese… there were not a lot of places I could go to.

When I saw this restaurant, I got mixed feelings about it, I was not sure if I would go in having extremely high expectations and then it would flop, or if they would actually live up to those expectations. 

There are three styles of cuisine in the same restaurant, therefore the name “3 levels”, each cuisine stands in a different level: Chinese on the ground floor, followed by Japanese sushi & lastly Japanese Teppanyaki. I was not sure what the latter was so I went to try it out with a friend. 

Before I start explaining the experience, I just want to clarify that teppanyaki is a Japanese style of cuisine that consists of cooking in an iron griddle. You also get entertainment a part from the for as it works as a show cooking experience. You get your items cooked in front of you and the chefs have a full on performance. 

We started the evening with some Gyoza’s, rolls, tempura & sashimi. The presentation was absolutely stunning and I kind of felt bad eating the pieces of how cute they looked. The main dish was the one prepared in front of you using the teppanyaki style. I was impressed by the amount of options there were for you to choose: meat, fish & seafood as well as vegetarian options. There is definitely an option for every taste.

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Once all the starters were served, it was time for the show. Our chef was the nicest person ever. He was having so much fun with the hole entertainment and he was really funny and great at what he was doing. I also loved the fact that he was explaining everything he was doing so we could follow up. He was also asking us questions regarding our orders just to make sure we were all getting what we wanted and cooked how we wanted it to be. 

He started off with the huge and famous flame. I feel like if you have ever seen pictures/videos or been into a show cooking, that is something that it is very popular to do. After that he did a few tricks with the cooking tools and followed it by doing tricks with the eggs used to fry the rice with.

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After that, he started cooking each order in little different sections of the iron griddle. The food was extremely tasty and delicious. I would also like to say that the main included a miso soup as a started in the price and that miso soup was the best I have ever had in Belfast. 

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Much love,