If “how do you take pictures being in the frame while travelling by yourself” is not one of the most questions I get asked every time I say I travel alone, I seriously do not know which one it is. Let’s be honest, when I hadn’t travel alone, I was wondering this all the time. In a social media dominated world, I can say I 100% I always wondered how solo travellers took their pictures, until I became one. 

In today’s post I am going to be spilling all the secrets I have personally have gathered from my solo trips and share them with you so you can also get your Instagram perfect shots while travelling by yourself. 

  • Ask someone. This is the most straight forward response. ask for a stranger to take your pictures. I usually go to people that are young because they mostly understand is for social media so they understand a bit better what you are looking for. Or another option of target is tackle someone with an expensive camera. If they actually paid that much money on a camera, they better know how to use it, so they are always good targets.

  • Timers. Either if it’s on your phone or your camera, timers are your best friends. This one is a bit harder as you may have to go back and forth until you get the shot. If you have a newer camera, most of them have an app and you can see how the picture is going to look before shooting.

  • Tripods. There are tiny tripods for your phone and your camera and yet again, they are going to be some of your best solo travelling best friends. You can just put them in weird places and take pretty cool pictures of yourself in the cool surrounding. 

  • Learn how to pose. If all you have from your travels are selfies, people are not really going to like the pictures or just feel something while looking at it. Learn how to take candid pictures and your angles so however or whatever is shooting, you have the poses down. 

Much love,