Travelling is great. You get to see new places you hadn’t seen before, experience more cultures and open up your mind about different topics. But like everything in life, there is a downside to it, prices. Airline companies are such a weird world, prices are the most unreliable things you can imagine so how can people travel so much without going broke every single time they catch flights?

After 22 years of travelling, I have picked up a few tips and hacks on how to get cheaper flights. Of course I had to share them to all of you out there eager to travel but with a small budget, keep reading to discover which ones.

  • Incognito. Incognito search is my best friend. I never look at flights if it is not through it just because of the cookies. When you search flights with your usual navigator, cookies gets stored in your computer so every time you are looking at the same dates or flights with different companies to compare what price is the best, prices keep increasing. Cookies kind of record your Internet movements so if they monitor you are looking for certain flights or dates, that automatically will make the price increase more and more.
  • Flexibility. If you fly during the week, prices are going to be cheaper just because less people travel throughout that period. Do not get stuck in a particular date of flying out and return, be open to different dates and times. Skyscanner has the feature of deciding the destination and then choosing the “cheapest  month” feature, then the cheapest flights for that destination will pop up. Airlines know that if a holiday is coming up, a festival, bank holidays… people will have or want to go somewhere for that specific event, therefore prices are going to sky rocket, of course they are going to capitalise on it. Try to book off-peak.


  • Mix & match airlines. Do not be scared of mix and matching airlines to go from one place to another. Sometimes it is cheaper if you have a long haul flight to just buy the flights separately than take the flight connections they already have ready for you. For example if you want to New York, flying from London is usually cheaper so you could do whatever your home airport is to London and then just buy the London – New York flight as direct.
  • Check currencies. People don’t really think about it but sometimes different airlines have lower or higher rates on different currencies. Usually British airlines have cheaper deals in pounds and more expensive in euros. Just check the conversion rate because sometimes I pay with my euros account in pounds because even with the conversion rate, it comes out cheaper than buying it straight away with euros. it is about being on the loop and being aware if currencies are going up or down.
  • Points & Miles. Avios is the best way to get rewarded for spending money on flights. If you create an account with any of the partner airlines, you literally get points which can be converted to upgrades or free flights throughout time. it is great! Here are the companies that are partners with Avios therefore you can win points.

Much love,