If you didn’t know, Paris has 20 different neighbourhoods called arrondissements. As I have been to Paris so many times I thought I would create a series of what to do in each arrondissement. I thought this series would be helpful if you want to get around the city or know what each area has to offer. 

The 1er arrondissement is the Palais Royal, it could be defined as the most touristy one as it has main touristic attractions. Its main focus is also shopping related so if you are into luxury brands and top tier designers, this may be one of your favourite arrondissements a part from Champs Élysées (8ème arrondissement).

The Louvre is the main historical and touristy space of the neighbourhood. It is the world’s largest art museum and it used to be the Louvre Palace. Built in the late 13th century under Philip II reign it then became the primary residence of the French Kings from the 16th century on. 

During the French Revolution it was decided the Palace would become a museum and throughout time it has become what we know today. It is an absolute maze to be honest and even having been there about 10 or 11 times always visiting different parts of the museum, I still haven’t been able to finish it. There was a study carried that it said that to complete the Louvre full exhibition are needed 9 months, yes you read that right, 9 MONTHS.


Anyway, following the Louvre you have the Carousel Arc de Triomphe. It was built during the early 1800s to commemorate the victories of Napoleon of the previous year. It is not the famous Arc de Triomphe, which started being built the same year but it took longer to finish it due to its size.

The Jardin des Tuileries is it also next to the Louvre. It is a public garden just by the museum which connects it to la Place de la Concorde. It is really nice to walk around during the spring and summer seasons. During Christmas they also have a Christmas market in there so it is great to walk around and get some food and see the Christmas decorations and little shops. 

In this arrondissement you also have the iconic Place Vendôme, with the world famous: Rue Cambon & Rue Saint-Honoré. If you are not familiarised with those names, Rue Cambon is where the first Chanel store was open, number 31st was acquired by her and while on the ground floor there was the shop, upstairs is where she presented her newest collections. Regarding Saint-Honoré, it is full of top tier designer stores, as well as Place Vendôme. If you are a luxury shopping addict, you have definitely heard this street names before and this is the place to go to buy the latest designer items.


And of course, the whole arrondissement would not be called like that otherwise, we have the Palais Royal. It was formerly a cardinal place, that is why its original name was Palais Cardinal. It currently serves as Ministry of Culture, Conseil d’État & the Constitutional Council.



These are the main things to see and visit during your stay in Paris in the 1er arrondissement. Through time I will also include coffee places and restaurants that I recommend around the area so make sure you follow my blog and my Instagram to be aware when that happens!

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