Finally, one of the most requested cities to do the Blogger’s City Guide is here. My beautiful hometown. In this city guide I will only focus on what to see and do and basically because I have full posts about where to stay, where to eat & my favourite brunch restaurants so those will definitely help you out on that department. 




Anyway, going back to this post, I feel like I could write a whole book about Barcelona. I was born and raised there and even though I have lived there all my life until I moved to Ireland at 21, there are still some areas of the city that I still have’t explored. I feel like that is one of the reasons why I love this city, you always discover new things. As the where to stay and eat parts are covered, I thought I would distribute this post in touristy things to do, and more local things to do.


Of course you have to visit some must see spots of the city. I am just here to recommend you things you should see like la Sagrada Família, which is the Roman catholic basilica designed by Antoni Gaudí. Anything related to Gaudí, the architect, is really big in Barcelona. Two examples are la Pedrera and la Casa Batlló, they are both very rich in architecture and part of the modernism era. They are absolutely stunning and really worth the visit. I recommend getting all your tickets online so you don’t really have to queue and waste time.



Park Güell is another must, it is a nice little walk uphill to get there but you can see the beauty of the neighbourhood of La Salut, one part of Gràcia. Its nice little streets and local bars are really nice and the views are really worth it. The little hill is nice to push your fitness a bit.


The Gothic Quarter is an area itself but you find things like the city hall and the cathedral of Barcelona so it is worth a visit. I would go either before or after peak hours as it can get pretty busy and during the summer months, as it is pretty hot, it can get a little too crowded for my taste. It is very interesting to see what Barcelona used to be like in the Roman empire, every other part of the city is just an extension of the original Barcino (original Roman name).



Montjuïc. The name may ring a bell, or maybe it doesn’t but it is the part of the city with the MACBA museum. The building itself is amazing and the art collection is absolutely stunning, it is one of my favourite museums to go to if I am being honest. You also get pretty nice views from the city, and I think most days the entry is free.


If you are a Barça supporter, of course you need to go to el Camp Nou, but I thought that was a no brainer and pretty self explanatory, won’t go into detail about that, it is the famous stadium that if you support the team, you MUST GO.


Of course I am not going to spill all the secrets regarding the local bit because let’s be honest, we all like some exclusivity where tourists are out of the picture. It may sound cruel, but with a city as busy as Barcelona, you start appreciating being in places where tourists are not that recurrent. 

Gràcia is one of my favourite neighbourhoods (a part from mine) and it is full of locals and culture. It is also full of restaurants and little cafes and its little narrow streets really bring out the character of the area. I think I have mentioned how much I love Gràcia in other blog posts so |I won’t go on about it forever. But seriously, go.

Avoid places such as Las Ramblas, I don’t know a single local that nowadays walks through it unless it is to go to a specific place nearby. We hate that street of how crowded and touristy it has become, it makes me so sad and annoyed because it used to be such a nice spot to just walk around if you had nothing else to do, now you can’t barely even walk in peace.

Do not go to the beach if you actually want to enjoy the beach. No locals go there unless yet again, they have nothing else to do and just want to look at the sea for a bit. Most people go to beaches outside of the city if they want to relax and tan.


I am thinking of doing a YouTube video about being a local in Barcelona as I think people that want a more authentic visit would enjoy it and also it’s easier to explain if I can talk through it instead of just writing it all down. Of course I will still write about Barcelona in the future but this are a bit of the must sees of the city.

If you have any cities you would like me to do, I can definitely plan a trip to them and write you a city guide, let me know!

Much love,