We all understand trends come and go, that is the way it goes, a few fashionistas decide what’s in or not, and us as masses follow. Either way, there have been a few trends that I hope we all get rid off in 2020, of course these are my personal opinions so please do not take into offence anything I say I am just expressing my thoughts.

The first trend I really hope goes away is neon. Do not ask me why, I have always hated all the neon vibe, never been a fan and I find it very tacky. I feel like to really pull off the neon clothes you have to have a certain style and vibe that not everyone has and therefore eventually looks very ratchet. Of course it really depends how you pair the items and the final outfit but overall, what I have personally seen, it is a big no no and hopefully stays back in the 2010s NOT on the new decade, PLEASE.


Dad shoes is another thing I wish to see gone in 2020. I am guilty of this one, I am not even going to lie to you, I have the typical white Fila shoes that every single girl on the face of the Earth had, and I get it, they are really ugly, I do not even know why I bought them in the first place. Now I am more into the good old Vans & Converse again so dad shoes, bye bye I won’t miss you.

My third “please don’t stay in 2020” trend is cropped jeans. I do not know who decided cropped jeans were a good idea or why people loved them. Maybe it is because I am a bit on the taller side so cropped jeans looked like my jeans shrunk on the wash so I have never loved the trend. Having to go for the hunt of jeans that did not look like I bought a kid’s size was a journey so when I heard that longer hems are coming back, YES FASHIONISTAS I NEEDED THAT, THANK YOU.


Another trend I want gone is Balenciaga everything. I have never understood the obsession that came out of nowhere with that brand. I have never been extremely into it if I am being honest, I am more into the classics like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel, Loewe, Hermes… but I also enjoy Fendi & Alexander Wang which are more on the modern side. I do not want to see a particular bag that all Youtubers started to get which I don’t think it’s THAT pretty and deserves all the hype. That triangle bag and also the barbie pink one with BALENCIAGA in the middle of it. Shape wise is very similar to my Alma BB from Louis Vuitton, but that branding in the middle just is a big no from me. Same with this jackets that have the brand in huge letters in the back of it, I just don’t like it and find it too flashy, I get it you want everyone to know you can afford it, but I just can’t seem to like it.

Monogram everything, can someone please explain to me who thought having monogrammed bed sheets, for example, was a good idea? Like OK, you have money blah blah but seriously, why? I am guilty of having a monogram bag but I know I would not take it so far to have monogram socks, underwear or a set of lounge wear. Like all this Gucci logos EVERYWHERE, I think it’s a bit too much and not necessary. Please new decade, tone it down for the sake of the rest of us.

And the last trend I want to see gone for good, following trends. Yeah you read that right. I just wish people stopped following trends just to follow them, if you like something, wear it, who cares, you have to like what you wear, you need to be comfortable and need to be confident. If something is super trendy but you hate it, don’t be stupid like me with the dad shoes, do not get it and that is it, save that money for something you will actually enjoy.

Much love,