After taking a few flights in my 22 years of short life, I have found the secrets on looking good and fresh when you travel. We all know travelling can be stressful, tiring, you can look puffy with the pressure changes and let’s be real, no one is going to do a full glam to get on a plane, it is just not going to happen. I personally like wearing little to no make up while travelling as by the end of the journey, your makeup is probably going to be all over the place if you go heavy on it anyway.

That is why I thought I would share my skincare secrets while travelling. You may think they are pretty simple but they will definitely make your skin look great during your journeys.

My go to tip is hydrate your skin. I usually only wear a little bit of mascara just to look more awake but skin wise, ALWAYS hydrate. A lot of people think it is not necessary or it just doesn’t do anything but cabin pressure dehydrates your skin so make sure you apply the moisturiser of your choice and drink a lot of water to make your skin look fresh and hydrated.

Forget the foundation, by the end of the journey it is going to be smudged, looking all creased and your skin won’t be looking great so if you are one of those people that can’t live without foundation, I recommend waiting until you land to apply it.

One of my must items while flying is lip balm. Yet again with hydrating. No one likes rusty looking lips so make sure you are applying  lip balm every once in a while. Forget about long lasting lipsticks, it is going to happen the same as the foundation, will look all creased and not the greatest.


Masks. I know it makes you look like a crazy person because let’s be honest, masks are not the most flattering thing in the world. Either way, if you are in a long haul flight, masks are going to be your best friend. You don’t really have to do much a part from putting it on your face so it is nice to have on to hydrate your skin while you have nothing else to do. 




Much love,