I am all about luxury bags, I have always loved them and now that I am able to afford some and can slowly grow my collection, I have realised that I absolutely love using my designer bags to make the most casual and ordinary outfit look cute and expensive. 

I love fashion and if I was a millionaire I would spend money constantly in new pieces but as I am a 22 year-old that needs to work if she wants to eat, i really think long and hard before I purchase a designer item. It is a lot of money to spend on a bag in my case (could be shoes, clothes or whatever you like) so I really like to think “wearing” options for each bag I want to buy.

I am all about looking cute but being comfortable at the same time. I adore jeans (high-waisted even better) and I love black and white t-shirts and shirts, that is mostly what i wear. I like the basics but then I decided I would use my luxury bags to spice up the outfits. Most people already have jeans and a white shirt, but add a cute Louis Vuitton Pochette and it looks like you have made such a big effort in your outfit when in reality, you have just chosen a bag. 

Much love,