I feel like we never truly know what we have done and who we’ve become until we look back. It is still a bit crazy to think we are in 2020 now, so I just wanted to do a little recap of the last decade. If I am being completely honest, it’s been a decade of a lot of change, when it started I was 12. I feel like during high school and college people change a lot, you realise a lot of different aspects of life so I truly believe it has been a decade of a lot of growth.

Going back to 2010 I was 12, had just started high school. I am not going to lie to you, high school was the worst time of my life, I got teased all through it, although at that time I didn’t really understand what bullying really was, clearly I do now. I got betrayed by people I thought I could trust and were my friends so it made me realise what being a friend really means and what type of people I want and don’t want in my life.

As I have just mentioned, I did not have the best time at school but that made me more eager to travel more and find hobbies I would enjoy to escape my reality. In this 10 years I have been able to travel to 13 different countries, and all of them more than once, only this year I have taken 24 flights, which is absolutely crazy to think.

I have gone to 8 concerts, my first fashion show, fall in and out of love a few times and then eventually just fall in love. Started a long distance relationship and against all odds, made it last. I have graduated high school, graduated college earlier and have moved abroad so instead of having a long distance relationship, I just have a normal proper one. I had to learn to live on my own, to fight the loneliness that comes with moving to a new country, I have laughed and have cried.



I have grown my confidence and knowing my worth. I have realised who I want to be and have realised how big of a work ethic I have. I have learnt not to take shit from anyone and how some people are just going to not like because you are more successful than them. 

I have also realised I am more of a home bird than I thought I was but that doesn’t take the travel passion out of me. I appreciate my friends and family more and I know who truly is by my side through thick and thin. I have learned what love really is, not this perfect picture movies portray it to be, real love.

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It’s also the decade I have realised how much i enjoy beauty and fashion, and the decade I have found my own style (no more awkward phases at last). Also the decade I have learned to take proper pictures and love myself. Before 2016-17 I barely took any pictures as I hated the way I looked. It was a whole process learning how to love myself, but I went through it, and still am. Working the first job of many just to get some money for my own wants. The decade I have fallen into the temptation of luxury bags, there is no going back from that I believe. 

Looking back at everything, I am extremely proud of the person I have become, I went from having the darkest thoughts at the beginning of the decade to being genuinely happy by the end of it. It is been hard, but extremely worth it. It is crazy how life has its own plot twists that we are not ready for, but it is even more crazy how we react to it and make out of every situation.

I can definitely say it’s been a decade of ups and downs, growth and a lot of learning and I have probably left some stuff out but 10 years can’t really fit in a blog post. I am extremely excited of what’s to come on the following decade, i have new goals I want to achieve and hopefully you are here through the process of working towards them. 

Much love,