And we are back to the 31st December, last day of the year, and the day that most of us create a list of “resolutions” for the following year, which let´s be real, most times we forget about it. Then we use the same resolutions on the following year and so on, creating the circle that never ends.

This year, I have decided that I am going to really work towards completing my new year resolutions, maybe not all of them, but I really wan to cross out most of them by the end of next year. 

These are things that I believe I can achieve if I really put my mind into it, and hopefully by the end of 2020, I can proudly say I have done most of them. Here are my new year resolutions for 2020:

Travel to 5 different countries


Take my mental health more into account

Exercise regularly

Spend more time taking in real life instead of being on my phone

Do more of what I love without caring what others think or react

Improve my French

Start a master´s degree

Post on my blog at least once a week

Read more books

Get back into dancing

Take up on a new hobby

Journal more often

Save more money and start investing 

Increase my self confidence and happiness

Increase my blog following to 250 followers

Keep in touch with old friends 

Move back to Barcelona

Reduce meat consumption and derivatives

Keep writing three things that make me happy or I am grateful every day


These are my 20 resolutions I am going to work for very hard to complete by the end of next year. I hope all of you are spending the New Year with your loved ones and have a great entry for 2020!

Happy New Year! 🙂

Much love,