I am not a great flyer, I am scared of heights and just being up in the sky. It is just not my favourite thing to do if I am being honest, but I do it a lot. Why? I love travelling so it is one of the things that I have to do, even if I am not really keen on it.

I know a lot of people are scared of flying and I get it, me too, but through time I have just found little things that really help keeping me calm and less stressed in flights.

  • Upbeat music. One of the things that freak me out the most is the take off, I think it is because the plane goes sideways and all that “fun” stuff to go up. I get it, you need to go up and then position the plane to fly to the destination, but I am just not fond of the process. What I do is I put upbeat songs and I just imagine myself in a music video or thinking a choreography to it (I have danced all my life so it really helps). It does sound stupid but if there is a bump or anything I just think it is the plane dancing to the song, it is literally just a mind trick, but it works for me.

  • Fashion. Reading and looking through fashion magazines just relaxes me so i do that, A LOT. I buy myself one of the big Vogue ones so it literally lasts as much as I can!

  • Food. When I eat in flights I literally just forget I am in an actual plane up in the air in the middle of who knows where. I love food so I really invest myself in whatever I am eating and it just helps keeping my mind off the actual thought of flying.

  • Netflix. Netflix is my best friend in flights. Being able to download a few episodes of a show I am watching or different movies really helps making time go by quicker. I usually do not do long haul flights just because I mainly travel around Europe, so with just one movie at least I have more than half the journey covered.

  • Write. Thinking about blog ideas or just writing my diary really helps me relax. When I invest myself in something, it really gets my mind off things. Basically as I was saying with food, but in a more creative way. Handwriting helps me more than typing.

  • Distractions. Either if it’s through a game, retouching photos… just trying to keep myself entertained for the flight just really helps. Counting down how much time is left also helps me realise I am one step closer to being to the destination.


Much love,