I thought I knew what cold was… and then I moved to Belfast. My first autumn and winter seasons in Belfast are here and I am literally living in my robe in a 23 degree heated apartment and sleeping with the chunkiest and warmest duvet I could find in store. Let’s be real, when I look up how to look cute in winter, I get YouTube videos from LA girls that show themselves wearing cute little dresses and that is just something I can’t wear, otherwise I would freeze.

Living in a colder country has definitely made my sense fashion change, I obviously can’t wear the same items I wear back home during the same seasons because I would just freeze so I have had to adapt a little bit to this new temperatures for myself.

This posts is for all of you out there that live in cold countries and can definitely not wear short dresses and cute short sleeved t-shirt otherwise we just freeze. Here are my tips!


What I have found myself doing is definitely putting more effort into layering. I am well aware restaurants, shops & bars have pretty high heating so I know if I just focus in jumpers and coats, I will roast when I do or go somewhere. That is why I have become a master pro, I have to think of the thin layer I am going to wear when I am indoors and then build up an outfit from there. 

Another thing I have found myself doing is layering short sleeve t-shirts over long sleeves. I feel like this is a trend now as well so on top of being warmer, you also find yourself looking trendy when in reality you are just keeping yourself warm, win-win situation if you ask me. 




I used to never really care about coats, it was just the item I would put on for a little bit and then take off and be forgotten so the rest of my outfit could take all the attention. Now this has switched a little bit. I choose my coats way more detailed now and I make sure the coats matches perfectly with my outfit and that I can also style it with different items and make it look like a completely different coat. How do I do that? Simple, I don’t change the actual coat, but I do change accessories like the bag, hats and scarfs. The magic of accessories I call it, you change them and the whole vibe can change too.




I swear I have an obsession with turtlenecks, but at this point I just assume it. For me they are a must in your autumn and winter wardrobe. They look so chic and look good with everything. They are such a great source of warmth and on top of that you look elegant and put together. 



I feel like oversized equals cosiness and warmth. That is the way it is. A nice oversized knit sweater just makes you feel all warm and nice as well that it is extremely comfortable as you don’t really have anything being tight and restricting your movement so for me going for bigger sizes during winter is my way to go. 


These are my tips on how to look cute in the cold, if you wear something I did not put in the post please let me know, I would love to know tips from each one of you to add it on to my life!

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