Summer has been great but it was about time it felt like Autumn. Being end of October and still having fairly hot temperatures (as hot as the UK can get), waking up to a 5 degree weather is nice. I am not even a huge fan of the cold, I just feel like my Christmas loving heart gets excited with the cold because that means Christmas is approaching slowly but surely. 

Long story short, I thought I would share with you my must haves for the cold seasons and some of my favourite items that I have been currently loving.

  • Roll-neck jumpers. Autumn & winter are jumper season. We all love being cosy, warm and why not? Looking cute at the same time. You can never have enough jumpers in your closet. I always find myself wanting more and more and there is no one that will stop me from constantly getting new roll-necks. My favourites right now are from Nasty Gal and are super affordable (plus they always have some type of sale going on!).
  • Puffers. I have been a puffer girl for a long time. They are cute, comfortable and warm. The good thing about them is that there are plenty of colours, styles… so there’s one for everyone and every taste. 
  • Hats. During autumn & winter, I get inspired to play a little bit more with accessories, not only just base it off all on my jewellery, but play a bit with hats.
  • Platform Converse. You were probably expecting me to say boots or ankle booties, but no! This year I have been really into Converse, so when I saw a platform  and leather version of it, I had to get them. It took me forever to find my number because they are starting to become very popular but I feel like they will be my go to shoes for autumn and probably winter too. Being leather, they are good for the rain as your feet won’t get soaked, and they are super easy to clean, a wipe is enough. 











Much love,