I can’t tell you how many times I have started a new post but never finished it. Currently I have around 21 drafts but I seriously can’t find it in within myself to finish them. I feel like we all have these days where we just don’t really feel it, for whatever reason that may be.

I have encountered a little bump on my way of blogging that I always seem to reach. I get inspired for a few months, when I start getting a pace, I get a block and there is no way of getting out of it. Then I get frustrated, delete everything I have ever created and start over. Truthfully, I have done that maybe once or twice. I have reached a point where I am not going to do that, just because for once, I am excited and happy of the content that I was putting out there, so in order to pass this bump, I decided I would try different things and see what worked for me. Here are the results.

  • If you are not feeling it, don’t force it. I feel like people that have some type of platform, being a Blog, YouTube Channel, Instagram… we always feel the pressure of having to put content out there. I mean, it is true, you put content into world constantly, but at the same time you have to be conscious that everyone faces blocks. I have found myself in situations where I had a block and instead of just assuming nothing was going to come out of my brain because I was stuck, I just kept pushing myself and that made it even worse. STOP THAT. If nothing feels like a great idea, just let it go. Don’t pressure yourself, or get stressed because you can’t make it work, chill out and the ideas will eventually come. 
  • Take a break. No one is going to be disappointed if you take a break if it is necessary for you mentally or just because you feel it is the best choice. There was a stigma that blogging, making videos… was all fun and games, but now people are more aware of all the work that goes behind a post. It is a lot of brainstorming, writing, correcting, revising, taking pictures, decisions, editing and then finally posting (to write a short version of the process). Basically don’t feel guilty or bad about it, if you need it, that’s it. 
  • Keep your mind off it. Go travel, go to the gym, explore your own city… seriously just keep your head off the fact you can’t come up with things. Liberating yourself and doing activities you enjoy can really help. When I go through my uninspired moments, I literally go for walks, shopping… and just by doing activities I enjoy, I start coming up with ideas. 

These are the tips that personally work for me, of course each person is different so don’t be shy and share what helps you get out of the uninspired loop!

Much love,