Monday came with floral themed collections. Giambattista Valli & Alexander McQueen really stood out for me on this day, their collections were absolutely stunning and definitely in my top favorites of this Fashion Week. On the other hand, Sacai showed another side, going with the theme of harmony and unity, the freedom the clothes showed by their materials.

  • Sacai. Using a map print to start and finish the show, showing the theme of the collection, harmony and unity. A great start to the color scheme used in the show. The pieces were full of asymmetry and they did seem very light and flowy. I could see myself wearing the pieces very easily as the designer did not go over the top with them, but still were incredibly nice to look at. Some of the looks consisted of a jumpsuit that truly looked like a three piece, which perfectly match the “harmony” the designer was going for.










Credit: Alessandro Lucioni / (Vogue)
  • Giambattista Valli. The first thing that came to my mind while checking this collection was flowers and gardens. The structure of the gowns and the patterns of the suits really matched with the themeThe ruffles, present in almost all the pieces truly made a statement. Puffy sleeves mini dresses the use of different materials from lace to more silky ones, the collection was an absolute beauty. 











Credit: Filippo Fior / (Vogue)
  • Alexander McQueen. I have to say this may have been one of my favorite collections of this whole Fashion Week. Elegant designs with recycled patterns and textiles. This whole collection has been consciously and repurposedly made. Sarah Burton offered us from a black evening suits to lace trimmed skirts mixed with leather. Beautifully done embroidery and stunning gowns resembling flowers. I would personally wear a lot of the outfits from the runway to either special events or in my everyday life, I am not going to lie. A sublime collection worth checking out. 












Credit: Alessandro Lucioni / (Vogue)

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