One of the busiest days at Paris Fashion Week is finally here. With brand collections from Balenziaga, Thom Browne, Givenchy & to name a few, today I think it is going to be  promising day!

  • Thom Browne. The first thing that came across my mind when I first saw this collection was cotton candy. It really gave vibes of a fantasy world. The collection is full of pastel colors and mix of patterns. voluptuous skirts that get all the attention for their shapes, colors and structures. Material imitating tweed was also seen in quite a few looks and the headpieces seemed to range from delicate to eccentric. From crazy skirts to crazy shoes, this collection is worth to see, there is no doubt about that.










Credit: Filippo Fior / (Vogue)
  • Valentino. A lot of white looks, big sleeves and femininity is what Valentino seems to be going for this year. Gold accessories in every look and big bags, as seen with other collections this year at Fashion Week. All the materials used seemed very light and the use of feathers, transparencies and embroidery can be seen in a few pieces. Moving on from the white, the next colors very noticeable are pink, green and neon green. The collection starts very gentle and famine at the starts and evolutes in a more crazy but still feminine look. 













Credit: Filippo Fior / (Vogue)
  • Givenchy. I haven´t seen a lot of crazy patterns in this collection a part from a couple pieces with florals on them. The majority of the looks were monochromatic with a lot of long trousers and midi skirts. The designer got playful with the colors and did feature a lot of different palettes and tones. 









Credit: Alessandro Lucioni / (Vogue)

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