Another day, another Paris Fashion Week Show… I can’t believe we are already on day 4! Yesterday’s collections were extremely good but here are my favourites.

  • Mugler. This year’s collection for spring summer 2020 consisted of a lot of boxy blazers, the colours most used were black and white , but we could also see some splashes of colour in some pieces. The style was giving me 80 s and 90 s looks, with the tights and the boxy blazers with the shoulder pads, it just felt like I had gone back in time and I am really digging it. All the looks were very textured, from the tights, to the dresses and tops, Mugler has definitely positioned himself on my top favourites this year.








Credit: Salvatore Dragone / (Vogue)
  • Dries Van Noten. A surprise collaboration that got everyone excited: Dries Van Noten & Christian Lacroix. I wanted to include these designers as it is very different from what we have seen up until this point in Fashion Week. A lot of brands are betting for neutral colours, a lot of black and white with a splash of colour every now and then, meanwhile, Dries Van Noten is doing the complete opposite.From over the top and eccentric patterns, print mix and a lot of colour, they are definitely being talked about. The show opened with the model wearing a simple black and white outfit with a big feather as a hair decor, from that look, the collection took off to all the colours and prints imaginable.










Credit: Alessandro Lucioni / (Vogue)
  • Lemaire. I was really surprised when the collection started with all black outfits. It then evolved in different neutral colours, all the looks maintaining the blazers & baggy shapes.











Credit: Filippo Fior / (Vogue)
  • Courrèges. Quiet a few fashion experts have tore the collection down and said the execution of the runway wasn’t sophisticated, but for me and for a lot of us fashion lovers, we care more about the pieces we see. Me not being present on the actual show, the I can’t observe on the execution, but I can have an opinion regarding the collection itself.From the start we can see a lot of colour happening from orange, neon green neon yellow, military green, amongst others. The material that really predominated was the crochet knits as it can be seen in a lot of looks, as well as different cut outs in different pieces as well.









Credits: Daniele Oberrauch / (Vogue)

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