We have all been waiting for what the big fashion houses have in store for us this season

  • Marine Serre. Beginning with all-black looks, the collection itself wants to incisive on climate change. Called “Oil Spill”, Serre uses recycled plastic to create raincoats and accessories. The materials represent almost perfect the texture of oil that spills in the sea and creates consciousness for the viewer.












        Credit: Alessandro Lucioni / Gorunway.com (Vogue)
  • Maison Dior. I was pretty excited about this collection as it was inspired by Miss Dior herself. From boxy structured jackets to a big variety of dresses of all lengths, necklines and transparencies. The material that was the most predominant espadrille and the whole collection had an earthy vibe. The predominant color was the earthy brown, blue and stones grey.









        Credit: Alessandro Lucioni / Gorunway.com (Vogue)
  • Koché. One of the strong points from this designer is definitely the mix of couture and street wear. The collection had a section of patch-worked dresses made from up-cycled materials, as one of the designer’s missions has been sustainability. Although this topic has been talked about a lot this year, Koché has been believing on it from the start.Head pieces have been predominant this PFW, and Koché is not being less. With oversized hats decorated with feathers for the most part. Still maintaining the earthy tones, black and white as main colours, Koché also was a bit more colourful in some pieces, keeping a squared and striped pattern._ALE0006









              Credit: Alessandro Lucioni / Gorunway.com (Vogue)
  • Saint Laurent. Usually leaning towards black as the main colour of the collections, this year it has been a more relaxed and has let other colours shine as well. From having a more relaxed and bohemian look in different long, light dresses to Beautiful colourful patterns. Showing a bit more romanticism with flowy blouses and gold patterns.Regarding the shoes, the predominance of brown boots were clear in exceptionof a few sandals featuring the famous YSL logo.










       Credit: Filippo Fior / Gorunway.com (Vogue)

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