Although we are all well aware that there are different fashion weeks happening during the year, I believe the most iconic one is Paris Fashion Week. Paris is the home of multiple major fashion houses such as Chanel, Dior & Louis Vuitton, so I feel like that is why I see it as THE FASHION WEEK, amongst the rest.

For those of you who may be a little unfamiliar with fashion week, it is a whole week where designer present their newest collections in organised events spread out through a particular city. There are four different main fashion weeks which are also known as THE BIG FOUR, always starting with New York, followed by London, Milan, and always finishing in Paris.

The fashion week season usually starts around February and finish around September, early October. Big fashion houses, when it comes to Paris, they always go above and beyond with their events, and they usually host the catwalks in majestic buildings such as the Louvre or Palais Royal.

There are a few designers that I was very excited to see the collections off (a part from the main brands), so I wanted to share my favourite looks and designers from this season, so I won´t be commenting and sharing all the designers and looks of this season. Let´s be real, it would take forever to talk in detail every single look from every designers as this year there is around 76 different runways happening!

Keep in mind I am just stating my opinions and describing what I see but I am in no means a fashion expert, just a fashion lover.

Fashion week started off today with Mame Kurogouchi, Kimhekim & Rokh. As the days go by, I am just going to be showing my favourites from each day.

Happy Fashion Week! 🙂

  • Mame Kurogouchi. Starting the PFW this year, Maiko Kurogouchi, Japanese designer, brings her collection to the Parisian runway after last year’s debut. The colors that were predominant in the show was black, white, nude and a touch of color with green. Working with flowy materials, the collection has a few transparencies with fishnet material and oversized looks. I am absolutely obsessed with every piece. It gives an Earthy vibe and with the color scheme together with the shapes and materials it really gives a consciousness on Earth.The accessories are predominantly clear or green toned and they all match the Earth consciousness ambiance created around the whole collection. Made from materials similar to plastic they are the perfect match for this “Embrace” collection.


    Credit to: Filippo Fior / (Vogue)
  • Kimhekim. I would say the oversized would be the word to describe the collection. With extra oversized trousers, shirts and blazers. Also color predominating the black, white, nude and colors such as green, blush pink & yellow. Following last season deconstructed look, we can see a few pieces following that trend, mostly on blazers. Big bows, texturisation and transparencies are also  predominant in the Korean designer.
Kimhekim+Runway+Paris+Fashion+Week+Womenswear+Xa60JkpzNoMl                      Credit: Chesnot/Getty Images Europe
  • Rokh. This newcomer designer is also from Korea as Kimhekim. A bit more colorful than the two previous ones, this collection gives a school girl vibe taken to the extreme. Keeping the trainers as shoes in most of the looks in exception of the most dressy ones, pairing them with low transparent heeled sandals.It can also be seen a lot of the cargo style and long overcoats. Accessories that go from small purses, to huge to skateboards. Rokh sure knows how to be noteworthy for his first fashion week appearence.

    _ALE1774Credit to: Alessandro Lucioni / (Vogue)

What are your favorite looks? 

Much love,


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