As you saw in my recent post, I am officially a designer bag owner, and that has unleashed my obsession for them even more. But don’t get me wrong, I didn’t just go out and buy the first bag I liked, I did a lot of research to find THE BAG.


I can’t stress this enough. Do your research on what bags you like, the hardware, the leather, the style, the colour… there are a lot of aspects to take into account into buying your first bag. I personally already had an eye on certain bags, but before spending the big bucks I wanted to make sure about a lot of things. I feel like the research is a fun part of buying the bags. I watched a lot of reviews on YouTube just to see how they performed, if everything I usually have in my bag would fit… all these things that you may not think about when you have a pretty bag in front of you.

Think about buying pre-loved

Bags can be expensive, and there are a ton of bags out there in the market that are pre-loved, and now are way cheaper. It is a good way to start your collection and save up a little bit of money. On classic Chanel’s you can save up to a thousand euros, or even more! I am going to link below a few different sites I check for pre-loved items if any of you want to check it out.


For me buying a bag because it is trendy is a no go, but some other people may think it’s totally fine. From my point of view, designer bags are a huge investment as I do not have that much money to constantly spend on new designer bags, that is why I think a lot of the use I am going to give them. If you think about being trendy, it can happen that: you won’t like that bag you have spent a lot of money on in a few months or years or that you didn’t even like that bag that much but you just bought it because it is trendy. When it comes to spending such big amounts of money, really think of bags you are going to wear and love forever.




Much love,