Today is an exciting day for me. I have been obsessed with designer bags since I can remember, but I have never had the money to afford any of them. Basically I was student up until last March when I graduated and started working full time, for the first time in forever, I had money of my own, that I worked for, and that I can choose what to spend it on. Instead of buying things because I was feeling like it, I decided to really save up and buy my first designer bag.

By the time you are reading this, you already know what bag I have gone for but let me just tell you a bit more about it!

I was not planning on just buying this bag, I had a few different options, but before buying them I informed myself a lot just to make sure I was choosing the right bag for the use i wanted to give it.

There are 4 different bags that I have wanted for a long time:

I eventually went for the Alma BB, do not ask me why but it just felt right to choose that one. This bag can be worn either hands-free with its cross body strap or just grabbing it by the top handle. For more information, it is 9.8 x 7.5 x 4.3 inches (length  x height  x width). It is not extremely big but it fits my must haves which is literally my purse, sunglasses, tissues and keys.

Although I was between de Demoir and the Epi Leather, I eventually decided on the latter in the Rose Ballerine color. The experience while buying was really great, I went to the Louis Vuitton store at Place Vendôme instead of going to the typical one in Champs Elysées. I am pretty glad I went to the one I did as it was nowhere near as busy and the shop assistants were attending us way quicker as a result.

I knew I wanted that bag so I went straight into the store knowing the bag I wanted, color and leather, so that just made the whole process quicker, my shop attendant was the sweetest and funniest, he really made my whole experience memorable. He even asked me if I had time, when I answered yes he made me go up with a lift where it brought me to this huge room full of travel bags, there was this big machine and he just said: “Do you want just another Louis bag? Or like a Louis bag that is personalized?”, clearly I said I wanted it personalized so he engraved my initials on the side key holder outside of the bag in silver, to watch the hardware of the bag.

If you have the option, I really recommend doing it, it really gives the bag a little extra touch and it is just nice to have it feeling special.

Do you own any designer bags? Which one was your first purchase? I am intrigued to know! 🙂




Much love,