There is no place like Paris, I have always been drawn to it since I was little. It is one of the places I have travelled to the most, and I never get tired of it, that is why I am back I suppose.

I decided to head over to Paris with my parents this time, living abroad, I don´t see them as much as I would like, and we all love this city so much we decided we would go again for a few days together.

The first day had an early start, we woke up at 3.30 am as we had an early flight. I have always loved early mornings when it comes to travelling, it gets me very excited to get to the destination! The flight took off on time and we landed around 8.30 am, which was great as we had the whole day ahead of us. We booked this really cute apartment in Le Marais, one of our favourite neighbourhoods, full of restaurants and little cafés.

The first day was pretty much walking around, as we had all been to Paris previously, there was no rush to see all the tourist destinations in one day. This first day was the ones I went to Louis Vuitton to buy my first bag, but here is the full post on that experience!

Anyway, we walked, we ate and we enjoyed ourselves.






The day after we decided we would head to the Arc de Triumph and walk around Champs Elysées. I had always seen people on top of the Arc but never had gone up myself so I thought it would be fun. The views were completely worth it but just so you are aware, there were no lifts, everything was stairs up to the top and they were the spiral ones, so if you get dizzy or claustrophobic please keep that in mind if you want to get to the top.

After, we decided to head to Trocadéro, where you can enjoy the views of the majestic Tour Eiffel. And yes, I did take a few shots on the typical wall with the Eiffel tower at the back, are you really a blogger if you go to Paris and don´t take that picture?!

It does´t matter how many times I see the Tour Eiffel, it always has the same “wow” effect on me, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.




The third day was spent in Montmatre, one of the most famous neighbourhoods in Paris, known as well as the art district, it has this village like vibe to it. It is great to walk around, enjoying the different painter’s art, the Sacré-Cœur and little streets full of enchant. 

What else can you ask for? Culture, art & gastronomy.





After spending the day in Montmatre, we decided to head to the Louvre, I have been there plenty of times but it is so big you always stumble upon art pieces you have never seen before. 








And the last day was just spent taking in every single moment I had left in the beautiful city of Paris. As I have mentioned, it is one of my favourite cities, so every time I go I like to take in everything: from the ambience to the architecture.







I got back home a week ago and I am already planning on going back to Barcelona and Paris as soon as possible! 

Much love,