I have been following CAPITOLA for a bit now, and I absolutely love their watches. They are elegant, chic & not that expensive for the good quality they seem to be in the pictures. The other day I was scrolling through their Instagram & I finally decided to get myself one and see if they are as good as they look.

Liking the watch that much and interacting with it, the brand eventually reached out to me and offered me to be a brand ambassador! I now have my code CARLAC15 if you want to purchase anything from the store and you get 15% off!

I received my watch extremely fast. The design I went for was the silver chain with the black sphere, I thought it was original and chic, and I haven’t seen that style to a lot of people so I though it would be nice being different.

The watch is really good quality, the chain is steady and the lock itself is very secure. You can adjust it yourself which is something I prefer on watches, instead of going to a store and get it measured, then fixed… I rather just do it at home.

All in all, I am really happy with the final product, and you probably have seen it a bit on my Instagram here and there. Again, they were nice enough to give me a discount code CARLAC15 and no, I am not sponsored or anything, I first tried the watch before I got the code!

Much love,